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Urban Attractions in Ningbo

Old Bund
1,802 Reviews
941m from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"Ningbo Old Bund is located in Sanjiangkou, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, and is the gateway to Ningbo's ancient city. The old Bund opened in 1844, 20 years earlier than the Shanghai Bund. The old Bund of Ningbo has retained the historical buildings and neighborhood style, and is now a fashionable landmark in Ningbo."

Reasons to Recommend: The Old Bund is located in Sanjiangkou, the center of Ningbo, and its history begins 20 years before that of the Bund in Shanghai. Today, the Old Bund still retains a large number of beautiful old European-style buildings, most of which have been converted into bars and restaurants, forming a leisure area with a very distinct atmosphere and becoming one of the primary attractions in Ningbo. It is quiet here during the day, with visitors in twos and threes strolling around the street and examining the old buildings. In the evening, the street becomes very lively, and the sound of music wafts out of the various bars. Lovers walk along the river and admire the charming night of Sanjiangkou in a romantic evening getaway. In the summer, the Li River is also a nice place to escape the heat for a while.

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Nantang Old Street
734 Reviews
2.4km from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"Food: Nantang Old Street Youzanzi, the author seems that that is small flax, but here called oil Zanzi. And the taste has a variety of seaweed flavor, there are sweet and salty flavor, there are many other flavors. In addition, there are other snacks. Now the food, packaging is more complex. In fact, the quality of the goods is the most important."

Reasons to Recommend: Nantang Old Street is located outside the south gate of Ningbo Ancient City. It used to be the “Nanmen Three Markets”, housing the old Ningbo trades and cultures. It is also one of the eight historical streets in Ningbo. Nantang Traditional Street also features many cultural and historical sites, including former residence of Yuan Xie (one of the "Chunxi Four Gentlemen" in the South Song Dynasty) and his descendants, former residence of Yuan Muzhi (film artist) and Yu's Ancestral Hall, etc.

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522 Reviews
923m from downtown
Historical Architecture
"Very easy to reach but not much to see, just a simple tower connected with a food street where all types of food is available."

Reasons to Recommend: Gulou is the only remaining ancient city tower site in Ningbo, and it is also one of the ancient buildings that are protected by the national cultural relics. Its northeast has a tread path according to the city wall, which can be climbed up to the tower. The building has five bays and a three-story wooden structure. The Gulou Tower has also set up a "History of Urban Development in Ningbo" exhibition hall to fully introduce the process of the formation, change, and development of Ningbo cities.

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Chenghuang Temple
348 Reviews
599m from downtown
Taoist Temple
"There are two Chenghuang Temples in Ningbo City, one in Haishu District, known as Ningbo Fucheng Temple, and the other is on the Jiefang Road in Cicheng Ancient County, Jiangbei District. Open time: 08:00-18:00. Found in the Tang Dynasty, rebuilt in the Song Dynasty."

Reasons to Recommend: Chenghuang Temple, also known as Ningbo County Temple, is located in Haishu District, an old commercial center in downtown Ningbo. Chenghuang Temple was built in the Ming Dynasty and has traditionally been used to worship the city gods and hold the temple festival. The festival is quite popular and lively, where visitors can go to eat, stroll around and enjoy the historic atmosphere.

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SAM Theme ParkClosed
85 Reviews
18.4km from downtown
Theme Park
"The child is 8 years old and likes Sam Paradise super, which can stay for one day. Our adults sent the child to it, then went out to play, and after 3 hours to pick it up, she still didn't want to go, so she went to play for another hour at night. Buy a ticket that is valid all day."

Reasons to Recommend: SAM Theme Park is located at Langjiaping, Jiulonghu Town, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City. Opened on October 18, 2018, it is a large cartoon-themed amusement park. There is a full range of amusement facilities. There are the Bear Appear theme game series, Cool Bowling, SAM bear theme park, etc. There are rest areas for babies and children. It is a fantastic place for children to have fun.

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