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Fun Attractions Nearby in Ningbo


Shanghai Wild Animal Park

93,602 Reviews
30.6km from downtown
"Can be fed to the kangaroo giraffe black swan white swan black white swan swan no one can afford to provoke hahaha with children is very happy big hippo hides in the fruit can not come out rhinoceros basking in the sun lazy sheep"

Putuo Mountain Scenic Area

26,110 Reviews
Mount Putuo
17.8km from downtown
Taoist Temple
"Putuo Mountain is located in Putuo District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, south edge of Hangzhou Bay, the eastern sea area of Zhoushan Islands. It is said to be the Taoist school of Guanshiyin Bodhisattva, known as "Haitian Buddha", "South China Sea Holy Land"."

Lingshan Town, Nianhua Bay

21,265 Reviews
Lingshan Scenic Area
27.4km from downtown
"The day and night scenery of Huanhua Bay are different, and the boyfriend is very happy to play, the service is also very thoughtful, especially when taking the small train in the afternoon, a driver named Pan helped us call the small train, so that I can get on the train for the first time, and also help us introduce the play route. The only regret is that I didn't see all the flowers blooming, come back next time."

Wuzhen Water Town

18,428 Reviews
14.9km from downtown
Ancient Settlement
"I have walked over 20 ancient towns in the size of Wuzhen. Only Wuzhen is the most beautiful place I want. It is not so strong commercial atmosphere. It is a good place for an ancient town. The landscape is mainly and the humanities are auxiliary. Here you can be silently daze, take pictures, and the eyes are too beautiful. The scenic spot is very large. The light west gate can take a turn to take a beautiful photo one day, photography lovers' gospel"

Hangzhou Songcheng Park

21,475 Reviews
12.8km from downtown
Theme Park
"Hangzhou Songcheng has a long history of love and style. There are bustling performances and endless tourists. Walking all the way, there are many beautiful scenery and many lush trees. Very good looking."


14,157 Reviews
31.4km from downtown
Ancient Settlement
Historical Architecture
"Zhouzhuang, in Kunshan, Jiangsu, Jiangnan No. 1 Zhuang, one of the representatives of Jiangnan ancient town. It is said that it is the residence of Shen Wansan, the richest man in southern Jiangnan in the early Ming Dynasty. It can be seen that the history and culture are long and the geomancy is precious. The small bridge is flowing water, the ancient building, and the typical Jiangnan ancient town style. Wansanho is also the most famous specialty food. Worth a visit"

Lingshan Giant Buddha

28,126 Reviews
Lingshan Scenic Area
25.1km from downtown
"The Three Sisters Hangzhou Shanghai Suzhou Wuxi Tour - Wuxi 5 Lingshan Scenic Area 10 Lingshan Scenic Area is located at No. 1 Lingshan Road, Taihu National Tourism Resort, Mashan. It is a large-scale Buddhist cultural theme park with tickets for 210 yuan. Entering the Lingshan Scenic Area, the four major landscapes that should not be missed are Lingshan Big Buddha - Kowloon Bathing - Lingshan Fan Palace - Wuyintan City. There are giant ancient trees in the scenic area. Every holiday, tourists come to visit. Wuxi Lingshan Scenic Area near the CCTV film base and Taihu scenic area. Traffic: take 88, 89 Road to go."

Thousand Island Lake

8,746 Reviews
Qiandao Lake
7km from downtown
"Very good place, the place to live is very affordable, with a balcony with a view, eating? Yes, the project that Qiandao Lake big fish head must point, the glans is not fishy at all, the fish soup is very fragrant! Like it! Barbecue fish are good!"

Nanshan Bamboo Sea

13,068 Reviews
27.8km from downtown
"The body and soul must have one on the road, so May 1 I went to Zhuhai with my boyfriend. The internal service facilities in the scenic spot are all available. It is suitable for family members to play together. All the way to the Shouxing Square, especially the warm reception of the conductor Zhao Ying. Carefully explain the place that is suitable for punching cards for us, catch up with the lion dance performance, see the big panda, it is worth a visit"
TOP 10

The Turtle Head Park

29,787 Reviews
9km from downtown
"I took my lady to go, I am a Wuxi person. I have lived for 30 years or the first time. It is still very good to see the scenery. The cruise is only a dozen yuan for the elderly and children. Free, there is a family travel plan to play"
TOP 11


10,228 Reviews
12.7km from downtown
"Turning back into the seven-person room, back to the peak into the Mang. Forty-eight plates just passed, wind Chi has also arrived at Qiantang. Moganshan main attractions have Jianchi, Luhuadang, Mogan Lake and so on. The mountain more than 200 houses and villas formed the architectural landscape, known as the "World Architecture Museum"."
TOP 12

Hangzhou Safari Park

8,602 Reviews
21.1km from downtown
"It is very suitable for bringing children together, the environment is clean, I value clean and the food in the hotel is unexpected, because the experience is very good and stayed for one night, the most regrettable is that I didn't meet the sunny day, I will come back here next time."
TOP 13

Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Heritage

6,043 Reviews
19km from downtown
Theme Park
"The 3d4d5d movie is particularly interesting, giving people a feeling of being there, it is really worthwhile to visit, whether it is 300 yuan or student ticket price is especially worth playing, one day I feel the ASEAN culture perfectly, especially the friends who are interested in history and culture, must come and feel it once."
TOP 14

Shanghai Zoo

10,353 Reviews
11.3km from downtown
"Shanghai Zoo is very convenient for transportation, tickets are cheap, animals are complete, there are tigers, pandas, giraffes, peacocks, flamingos, small raccoons, and other flowers and plants. Suitable for the whole family to play together."
TOP 15

Shaoxing Ancient City

365 Reviews
6.6km from downtown
Ancient Settlement
"In fact, the whole city is an ancient city. It belongs to the hometown of Lu Xun. It is still worth visiting. There are many places to eat and drink and the taste is really good. I still like it very much. Mr. Lu Xun's hometown is worth visiting."
TOP 16

Xitang Scenic Area

12,281 Reviews
13km from downtown
Ancient Settlement
"Xitang Ancient Town came many years ago, when he just became a four-a level scenic spot (now 5A). There are many local residents driving their cars to pull passengers, and they don't have to buy tickets to send tourists to the scenic spot. They make a profit. Now many years have passed, scenic spot more and more standard, plus epidemic prevention and control, each small road crossing has security staff assistants, in addition to check green code, you can also check the ticket escape. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the number of tourists is really reduced, but at night when the lights are bright, there is no people who used to be swarming, even the big brother rowing said that the business is really light."
TOP 17

Hanshan Temple

9,827 Reviews
2km from downtown
Historical Architecture
"Hanshan Temple, with Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Ji's ancient saying, "A cold mountain temple outside the city of Gusu, the night clock to the passenger ship." Famous in the world. Located in the city of Gusu, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, No. 24, Hanshan Temple Lane, near two other ancient scenic spots, Fengqiao, Iron Bell Pass and the canal. Temple ancient trees towering, quiet environment, hall for the founder of Hanshan, pick up two high monks portraits, and other ancient sites, worth the fine."
TOP 18

Tongli Ancient Town

11,426 Reviews
20.7km from downtown
Ancient Settlement
"Tongli Ancient Town is one of the four most famous water townships in the country. It is located in Tongli, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The ancient town is surrounded by many rivers. Tickets are required to enter the ancient town. The entrance is located at the bridgeheads of several bridges in the ancient town. There are no staff between 8 pm and 8 am. Free access"
TOP 19

Yancheng Wild Animal World

14,955 Reviews
13.3km from downtown
"The first time I went to Yancheng Safari Park, because the reason for the epidemic is not many people, not so lively, I always feel that the zoo is still more people are interesting, but as a small holiday, I think it is still very good, I want to evaluate some advantages and disadvantages: Advantages: ① The whole park is really clean, this is really good, there is no smell or smell, even the bathroom is clean, really rare. ② It can be seen that even when the turnover of the epidemic is affected, the animals are kept well, without emaciation or spirit, this is really worth learning in many zoos, many small animals are also clean, it is really very happy. ③ Even if the traffic is not much, the staff did not perfunctory when it came to animal explanations or other activities, they still did their job and did their job. They did their job. The disadvantages: ① The park has been playing red songs in the loop. I think an amusement park/zoo. In fact, put some relaxed and happy songs or pure music is good, has been put the net red songs will let the tourists some tired, and is to make people feel. Some low, and the other is that the singing near the gate is really loud, some noisy ② Although I know the zoo needs to rely on this to attract customers, but I still think that should reject some animal performances, such as bears walking the tightrope bicycle, animal nature is not performance, I saw some uncomfortable performances like Bear Child Paradise, but the animals are very cute, because there is no danger show for animals. In short, the Yancheng Safari Park is really worth it, it is recommended~"
TOP 20

Damingshan Scenic Area

4,038 Reviews
Daming Mountain
113.7km from downtown
"Daming Mountain is a bright pearl inlaid on the Huangshan Huangshan Golden Tourism Line from Hangzhou. Daming Peak Daming Peak, the highest peak of Daming Peak 1489.9 meters, with 32 Qifeng, 13 secluded, 8 waterfalls, 3 thousand acres of high mountain meadows, across six mountains of 10,000 meters of caves, a total of 96 attractions, Zhu Yuanzun soldiers thousands of acres, the beginning of the anti-Yuan established the history of the Ming Dynasty as a cultural support It is famous for its scenic beauty, primitive, magical, steep and secluded, and is known as the Huangshan Mountain of Zhejiang Province."