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Shen GardenNearby City

Shen Garden

4.4/52609 Reviews
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"Historical Site"
Ranked #5 in Shaoxing Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"🏔 The scenic spots introduce Shenyuan, the east side of Lu Xun's hometown in Shaoxing, and the private garden of Shen's, a rich businessman in the Southern Song Dynasty. The only Song-style garden preserved in Shaoxing so far. National Heritage Protection Unit, 5A-level scenic spot. This is not the key, the key is its celebrity effect. Lu You and Shen Hao have repeated here, wrote the famous "Shantou Feng". Guo Mei love, spread throughout the ages. [Naughty] Address No. 318 Luxun Middle Road 🚗 Traffic Information Bus 1 Road to Children's Park [Happy] Open Time 8:00-17:00 18:00-20:30📝 After the card is entered, first see the rows of long corridors in front of the yard, under the eaves are hung with quaint wish cards. You can write your wish and send a good blessing. The entrance of the section of Yunshi, the harmonic "fragmented edge", foretells the love tragedy of Lu You Tang Lu. In front of the Feng Monument, there are lovers who have not been able to become a family, and the words flow between the ink and the pen. In witnessing the Shenyuan century-old history of the Six Dynasties Jingting Xiaoyan for a moment. Shuangguitang feels the artistic conception of the Southern Song Dynasty. The mood at the Hulu Lake is like water. In the lonely, I experience the helplessness of Luyou. Visit the Luyou Memorial Hall and learn more about the red child feelings of Luyou in addition to love. 📌 Tickets: Free during the day, you need to make an appointment in advance. Shenyuan Night Tickets for 80 yuan at night. [Love] Recommended reasons: National 5A-level scenic spot, must play the list in 2021. Jiangnan Gardens, Pavilion and Pavilion, quiet and elegant, mind-desiring. "Shantou Feng" "original", the sound is in its territory, the Fang Fei inscription. Shenyuan, Yumei love, circulating for ages."