Nuwara Eliya
Central Province
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Things To Do in Nuwara Eliya

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suifeng2019In a short time of only a few seconds, the clouds filled the valley. Don't say the landscape between the valleys, even the opposite mountains disappeared into the clouds. It is probably because of this moment's scenery, let us so long for the end of the world.
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Historical Architecture
suifeng2019A hundred-year-old British Dorje Revival-style building with a bell tower on the roof, red brick and white plaster, is visually pink. Make sure you send a postcard to the post office.
39 Reviews
JJ77In Nuvo, I think the first choice is the New Zealand farm. It takes about half an hour’s drive from Nuvo to the New Zealand farm. The road is picturesque. The grassland, cattle, sheep, and windmills are particularly beautiful against the blue sky and white clouds. The illusion of town. There are two dairy farms and milk factories in the outskirts of Nuwara Eliya 15-20 kilometers. The New Zealand Farm is one and the farthest. Locals like to come to the ranch with a family during holidays or weekends so that the children can get close to the animals and visit the dairy farm. There is a fairytale-like scenery here. On the hillsides one after another, you can see herds of cows lazily basking in the sun, and occasionally some shepherds are lying next to the cows, enjoying sunbathing and rest. People accidentally mistakenly thought that they had arrived in New Zealand, and at the same time, they were infected by the more sloppy atmosphere of life here and refused to leave. When you go to a New Zealand ranch, you must try fresh dairy products. Milk and yogurt are very pure and delicious, super good and cheap!
32 Reviews
齐步走123Baker Falls is much smaller than we expected. It is far from the same level as Huangguoshu. It is much smaller. But walking back past a lake, the scenery is really good. It's a bit to make up for the feeling of loss
27 Reviews
City Park
齐步走123The first impression that Victoria Park gives us is green. There are lush green plants everywhere. The large grasslands and trees are very beautiful. There are many local students playing in the park. Very innocent children.
17 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Cherry??2009^_^Drunken Ceylon·Mountain Tea Garden Scenery—Leaving the holy city of Kandy and entering the mountains, the mountain scenery along the way is refreshing. Come to the tea garden at noon, drink a cup of Ceylon black tea, come with a few pieces of English pastries, and spend a leisurely afternoon. Approaching the evening came to the British town-Nuwara Eliya [呲牙]

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Nanu Oya Railway StationNuwara Eliya,Sri Lanka

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Mlesna Tea CastleNuwara Eliya,Sri Lanka

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Nuwara Eliya Post OfficeNuwara Eliya,Sri Lanka

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Baker's FallsNuwara Eliya,Sri Lanka

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Worlds EndNuwara Eliya,Sri Lanka

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Glenloch Tea FactoryNuwara Eliya,Sri Lanka

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