The Royal Ontario Museum is located within the University of Toronto campus in Canada and is the fifth largest museum in North America and the largest and most collectible museum in Canada. The main contents of the museum are archaeology, art, biology, etc. The exhibition includes natural sciences, animal ecology, art and anthropology, etc. It is a comprehensive museum integrating world culture and natural history. Although Canada's own historical heritage is weak, it does not affect the rich collection of the Ontario Museum. The Ontario Museum houses collections from China, Greece, Egypt, Rome and many other countries. It also has ancient cultural collections such as ancient dinosaur fossils, and its rich collections are world famous. The museum has more than 6 million pieces in the exhibition space on three floors. The first exhibition hall of the main building mainly displays Chinese cultural relics and is composed of four Chinese exhibition halls, namely ancient art, Buddhist art, architectural art and sculpture statues. Over the years, the museum has been collecting world-class Chinese collections, including jade, pottery, temple murals, bronzes and more. On the first floor, there is a Japanese Hall and a Korean Hall, each showing the two cultural relics. The museum is open daily from 10am to 5:30pm, except for Christmas. Adult fares are 20, olds over 65 are 17, students and 15--19 year olds are 16.5, children aged 4-14 are 14, and 0-3 years old are free. Although it is a pity, I have to say that some cultural relics in China often have to go abroad.
Posted: 3 Jan 2019
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