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Sakarun BeachNearby City

Sakarun Beach

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"After the self-driving trip from Germany to Croatia, look at the good places recommended by the official website of various tourism bureaus at 3 or 5 pm. After all, Europe is not like Southeast Asia, there is that kind of sea, that kind, you know. After all, I am a dry duck, not many have seen, not demanding on the beach. After all, it has been a long time since I wrote a poem to the sea, and the spring blossomed. "The truth is, it seems that Sakarun was attracted to it, and then silently marked a small star on Google Maps, until I arrived at Zadar, I plan to take a boat to the island to see the long, only to find Sakarun is still not far from Dugi Island, the name is so stupid, and then there is a national park on the island good," Then another one. As a victim of delusion, you must go to buy tickets in advance. The ticket sister is beautiful. You are the ticket that has already left. The ticket sister is beautiful. I want to go to and from the hotel. It is a one-way trip. The result is that when I returned to the boat, I was at the end of the team and I was stopped. Run to the ticket office to make up the ticket, I must be running too beautiful, was the attention of everyone. This beach is really pretty. It's very similar to the color matching of Ben Gaoda's app. Don't look at the ugly I took. Build your brain. Search online. It's not good that day. It's still cold in cloudy days. But the sea is not cold and there are not many people. The only thing that is not good is stone beach, a little bit embarrassed. To sum up, go to Croatia and go to the island and the sea. You won't be disappointed, especially the men."