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Oulu Cathedral
After nearly 12 hours of flight, I finally came to Oulu on the local night. If you don't plan to come here, you may never hear of this name, which is the sixth largest city in Finland. Oulu is the capital of northern Finland, so the transportation is very convenient, it can be reached from Helsinki in about 45 minutes, and the Finnish aviation concessions are also very rich, sometimes from dozens of euros from Helsinki to Oulu. The convenience to come here is the fat police bronze statue in front of the city hall (Kauppahalli) (Toripolisi), the sculptor Kaarlo Mikkonen's only publicly displayed sculpture (although it is not very clear who this is, but the fat policeman is really good.) cute). Oulu is very small and the law and order is very good. It is so small that it doesn't open the navigation and there is no lost (simply give yourself a compliment), so that a cute fat policeman can sit on the side of the town. The fat police is surrounded by a bustling business district. In addition to some well-known Volkswagen brands, there are many tonal restaurants. Dinner is on the second floor of Pekuri Mall. There is no one in the restaurant. Three people were mistakenly hit. The food that is full of praise, do not look at the value is not good, three people at the same time praise is not easy, the most important thing is to spend 26 euros, three people down is really a model of European conscience. What is the name of the restaurant? Hungry like that, the baby didn't remember it! On the 1st floor of the mall, there is a very big Supermarket, which is closed at 9 o'clock...
2019 First Travel Pic
Hello fat police, hello Oulu! Oulu was founded in 1605 by King Charles IX of Sweden. The history of more than 400 years is not long, and short is not short. Unlike other cities with a long history or a reputation for beauty, almost no one praises Oulu with the words of beauty. However, when you are there, you accidentally discover that almost all descriptions of beauty can be used for it. Although Oulu looks low-key, it is the largest city in the north of Finland. Due to the large number of universities and researchers, the wireless network covers almost the entire city (not covered by Helsinki), and people call her a young city. Historically, there has been a fire here, but it is still very European. There is a simple folk customs, and prices are cheaper than other Finnish cities. In the summer, there is a lively market with untouched berries, especially blueberries. In the autumn, the mushrooms in the forest are too much to bear. In the winter, the fat policemans shoulders and stomach are full of soft white snow. Oulu is like a fat policeman, especially cute. The old buildings with candy colors flash in the sunlight, and they are especially beautiful; the snow on the ground is blingbling, clean and shining with the light of the orchids. The pier and the market show the city's cozy, lazy and full of life. Oulu is not a tourist destination for Finland as a whole, and few people will choose to join it. Therefore, she is like a North Korean beauty in the deep, it is enough to make people fall in love.
Shirley Zhu
The Fat Policeman
Fat police, Oulu city icon This red house is the market hall on the Oulu Market Square. It was built in 1901 and the building follows the simple style of Northern Europe. Different from the general vegetable market, the market hall also has a coffee breakfast stall and some local hand-made stalls selling reindeer skin and wooden decorations, which are quite old-fashioned. Undoubtedly, inside and outside the halls of the Oulu market, you can touch the civilian life closest to Finland. The morning market hall is not open yet, and the hall is empty. In the summer, the square in front of the market will be extraordinarily lively. Various open-air booths will be built along the road. In the winter, due to the very low temperature, the front door is deserted and people are concentrated in the indoor heating. Although we missed the market hall in Oulu because it was too early, we would never miss an Oulu celebrity here. It is the fat policeman in front of him, called Toripolliisi in Finnish. This is also the city icon of Oulu, which stands in front of the market hall and faces the sea. There are many versions of the fat police story. One version I heard is that Oulus law and order is very good. I dont need a policeman. I just need a bronze statue of a fat policeman to maintain the market square here. Listening to the legend. . The fat policeman was very cute, and he touched the belly of the fat policeman and took a picture with him. It became a must for Oulu.
Shirley Zhu
Lapland Hotels Oulu
Located in the heart of Oulu, this hotel in Lapland Hotel Oulu Oulu is our first night in Northern Europe and is part of the Intercontinental Group. Oulu is small, so it is convenient to live there. This location is especially good, just beside the church in Oulu, and only a few hundred meters away from the centre of Oulu in the heart of the city. Although Oulu is small, it is also a city, so it is convenient to eat and buy things. Of course, it is also especially suitable for friends who love to take pictures. Oulu, covered in snow, is on the outside. The room is quite spacious, although the site is written on 22 square meters, but the two people actually live up enough space. The black beige color scheme and the antlers on the wall are typical of the Nordic Lapland style. All the interiors in Finland are particularly warm. I remember that we were frozen into a dog on the first night after eating dinner from the outside. Once inside, we were cured. One more thing, the restaurant at this hotel is very large and elegant. The hotel's breakfast should be the best in the whole hotel, and the restaurant environment is very Lapland. Oulu was once a town known for its tar and squid. When you saw the squid in various ways, you know that rumors are not false. Since then, we have eaten countless squid in Northern Europe. It can be seen that the Nordic on the tip of the tongue is inseparable from the fish. The window of the hotel room is an elementary school. As soon as the class time is over, a group of bear children and children are rushing out and cheering on the playground. This vibrant and energetic picture lights up our new day's journey.
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