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Top Things to do In Panzhihua 2021



68 things to do found in Panzhihua
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Historic Sites
Shiyang Confucius Temple

Shiyang Confucius TempleNearby City

3.7/53 Reviews
"Historical Site"
"Shiyang Confucian Temple, also known as Shiyang Confucian Temple, is located at the foot of Xiangling Mountain. It was built in the first year of Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368) and was rebuilt in the 37th year of Ming Wanli (AD 1609). The Temple of Confucius covers an area of 6584 square meters. Its architectural style is laid out in the form of courtyards of ancient Chinese palaces. It pays attention to the vertical and horizontal axis and highlights the main building. That is, the main building is arranged on the central axis and the auxiliary buildings are placed on both sides to form a grand scale. Buildings. The Confucian Temple is mainly composed of Dacheng Hall (a bronze statue of Confucius). It is on the same horizontal axis as Dacheng Hall. On the left is Zhuzi Pavilion (enshrines the statue of Zhu Xi), and on the right is Cangsheng Palace (enshrines the statue of Cangjie). Between the two, there are the east and the west (the seventy-two statues of sages enshrining Confucius students) that intersect vertically and horizontally, forming an ancient courtyard. In front of the Dacheng Gate is the Leixing Gate, which is the main gate of the entire Confucian Temple. On both sides of the Lianxing Gate are the Ming Eunuch Temple and the Xiangxian Temple, which also forms an exquisite and sophisticated courtyard. The bronze statue of Confucius in Dacheng Hall was cast in the 47th year of Kangxi in 1708 AD. It is 2.3 meters high. It is covered with gold on the whole body, wears a mianqi on the head, holds the Chaohuo in one hand, and sits on the front breast. In terms of its weight, its size, its exquisite casting craftsmanship, and its perfect preservation, no one can compare it in China. It is the largest surviving statue of Confucius. There are also nine plaques inscribed by Qianlong, Kangxi and other emperors and celebrities, such as "Team of the World", "Participating with Heaven", and "Shengji Dacheng", with gold inscriptions on a red background, which are dazzling."
Xichang Ancient Town

Xichang Ancient TownNearby City

4.2/571 Reviews
"Ancient Settlement"
"2020.9.16 From the ancient city of Xichang to Lugu Lake, passing through the ancient city of Xichang, this place is located in the hinterland of the Anning River Plain on the Western Sichuan Plateau. It has been an important town in the southwestern border of the motherland since ancient times, and it is also the center of politics, economy, culture and transportation. The ancient city of Xichang is about 20 kilometers long from north to south and about 43 kilometers wide from east to west. We focused on three city gates, Datong Gate, Anding Gate, and North Gate. Arrived late the day before yesterday. I saw the night view of the three gates. The north gate was simpler, and the other two gates were lit, hooked out of the city gate curve, and the old trees next to the gate had a unique style against the lights. This afternoon we came to visit again. From Datongmen, we spent 1 yuan on tickets and climbed up to the tower to see the surrounding scenery of Xichang tower. According to reports, Datong Gate, also known as South Gate, was one of the four major gates (East, South, West, and North Gate) of Jianchangwei in the Ming Dynasty, in the 20th year of Hongwu (AD 1387). In 1998, the Chase Building was rebuilt. The brick and stone city walls of the Ming Dynasty were restored, and they became what they see today. We walked along the city wall to Andingmen. This section has been repaired. There are many old houses on the left and an old man is playing Tai Chi in the green area. Anding Gate is larger than Datong Gate, with two gates at right angles. This place is the same as the Datong Gate, under the gate are all important traffic roads, and there is endless traffic. Our party was strolling on the tower and took some photos as a souvenir. There are not many tourists on the towers. Looking around, you can feel the history and culture of Xichang Ancient City, the vicissitudes of life, and see the new buildings rising from the ground on the other hand. The new and the old, the history and the future, blend here and leave a deep impression. It is a major historical and cultural landscape in Xichang, worth a visit." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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