Lower Bavaria
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Things To Do in Passau

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乖小咪The Cathedral of St. Stephen in Passau is the largest and most magnificent Catholic church here, with a history of more than 500 years. The entire church building is magnificent and has exquisite carvings. The statues and frescoes inside are also very exquisite, worthy of the main church, the specifications are really very high.
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乖小咪Passau has been a famous water transportation hub in Germany since ancient times. Because this is where the three major rivers in Germany meet. The corner of the confluence of the three rivers is the best place to see these three rivers at the same time. The estuary is very wide and the surrounding scenery is charming. It is the most famous tourist attraction in Passau.
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乖小咪The Old Town Hall of Passau is located on the famous official residence square. It is a typical German-style building. There is an old mechanical clock on the high tower. Every time it is punctual, the bell will ring loudly and the sound is transmitted. The sky above Lao Chen really has a strong retro atmosphere
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乖小咪Passau’s official residence square is located in the center of the entire old city. This square has a history of more than 300 years. The floor of the square is paved with square bricks, and it has been very flat after a hundred years. The residence square is surrounded by the famous town hall and church. It is definitely a must-visit place in Passau’s Old Town. Don’t miss it.
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猫猫在旅行The Passau Glass Museum is in a hotel in Passau. This hotel was the hotel where Princess Sissi stayed before she got married. After that, she took a boat to Austria. The ticket is seven euros, first take the elevator to the fourth floor, and then slowly look down. The exhibits here are an eye-opener for me, it is hard to imagine that glass products can be so exquisite. The collection of the museum is so rich that you can't finish it. And the structure of this old house is also very complicated, one exhibition hall after another, it often feels like getting lost. But in short it was a worthwhile trip.
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Other Places of Worship
虹口布雷小工兵This church should not be a popular local sect, at least not a ruling class sect. Although the location is good, the spire is basically submerged in many buildings, without the style of other city churches.

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Old Town HallLower Bavaria,Germany

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Dreiflüsse-EckLower Bavaria,Germany

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Glasmuseum PassauLower Bavaria,Germany

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St. Stephan's CathedralLower Bavaria,Germany

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Neue Bischofliche Residenz (New Episcopal Residence)Lower Bavaria,Germany

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Donau Cycle PathLower Bavaria,Germany

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