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Cicada MarketNearby City

Cicada Market

4.4/596 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 5410 reviews
Ranked #14 in Hua Hin Can't Miss Attractions
Open on Fri-Sun,4:00pm-11:00pm (Local time)
"I gave up the Hua Hin night market and came to this Zen weekend night market~ I was not disappointed~ There is an artistic and romantic atmosphere everywhere, and many local young people and students come to play~ The overall feeling is like a big park, which is divided into four major areas. ~~ The entrance is a large square, there are small bands playing pure music at night, and then there will be juggling and other performances, the little girl turns the hula hoop very hard, and then enters on the right hand side there is a large enclosed area, what is it Showbox and the like, you can enter the show for a fee~~~ The whole large area next to it is the "food area"~ There are various small stalls, there are various staple foods, snacks, seafood, skewers, Desserts, juices, everything! There are also a lot of tables and chairs to sit freely~~ You have to buy a coupon when you eat, and you can return it if you use it up~~~ The second largest area is the "Creative Market" area~ There are many painters and hand-made experts on the scene. Show painting, hand-made, glass blowing, performance art, etc. If you think it’s good, you can give tips, or you can buy their hand-made, live cartoons, fabrics, postcards, accessories, stationery, dry bouquets Yes, it’s dazzling, and it feels much richer than the domestic creative market~~ At the end, you will see the big tree and starry sky as the curtain, the cicadas and the singing of the birds as the harmony-free singing band, and sitting on the grass. Friends big and small who listen to music~ As long as you buy a drink, you can enter the venue and listen to the high together~ It's very feel~ Sure enough, music knows no borders~"