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Penghu is an outlying island archipelago of Taiwan and is composed of 64 small islands. A rendition of the song, “Grandmother's Penghu Bay”, carries the beauty of Penghu to the ends of the earth. This place has age-old historical cultural attractions and a heavenly natural landscape, with unsullied sandy beaches and clear ocean water. There is abundant and various marine life around Penghu, and it is an exceptional place to learn about natural ecology. In the season for bird migration, you can see the beautiful scene of gulls circling for food, making it an excellent spot for bird watching. You can go snorkeling or fishing, and can tour all the islands by boat. The cultural landscape is another outstanding feature of this place. The Anping Treehouse, an enormous banyan tree that has swallowed an old warehouse over the years, as well as the Tianhou Temple and other places give voice to every stage of the area’s history.
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Things To Do in Penghu

Penghu Scenic Area
74 Reviews
vis***tePenghu is an archipelago composed of many small islands of different sizes. Penghu in summer and Penghu in winter have different beauty. I chose 3 days, 2 nights and 6 days and 5 nights for self-guided travel. If you are flying If you are here, it is recommended that you choose a window seat. If the weather is good, you can see the beauty of Penghu from the plane. The scenic spots in Magong city include: Tianhou Temple, Shi Gong Temple, Wanjunjing, Central Old Street, Development Hall, The First Hotel, Guanyin Pavilion, Xiying Hongqiao, Zhang Yusheng Story House, Pan Anbang Memorial Hall, you can also go to Nanliao Ancient House, Guoye Ash Kiln, Moses Sea Division, Heaven Road, Cross-sea Bridge, Xiaomenyu Whales from Penghu City Cave, Erkan Ancient House, Chidong Daguoye Basalt and Yuweng Island Lighthouse. If you still have time, you can take a boat from the South China Sea Visitor Center to Qimei, Wangan, Jiangjun, Hujingyu Tongpan to see the islands in Penghu Islands...
South China Sea
31 Reviews
貓貓達Taiwan's Penghu Islands are numerous, dozens of large and small in the south and north, especially the South China Sea islands are the most distinctive and extremely touristy value, such as Qimei, Wang'an and Okegban, all of which have their own unique charm, and the basalt pillars of Okegban are the representatives of the scenery of Penghu. Definitely not to be missed.
Twin Hearts Stone Weir
67 Reviews
Rock Monument
貓貓達An ancient fisherman’s fishing tool, full of the wisdom of the ancients, exquisite and romantic design, such as two heart-shaped double overlays, that is the signature attraction of Penghu on the outer island of Taiwan... The double heart stone has now become a tourist in Penghu The place you must visit is like you haven't been here before, as if you haven't been to Penghu, so this place is extremely popular and you definitely don't want to miss it.
50 Reviews
_FB***68Penghu is really a beautiful place to go, highly recommended. You can watch the fireworks show, see the monuments and enjoy seafood.
Jibei Island
30 Reviews
yinxinchuanJibei Island is located about 5.5 kilometers to the north of Baisha Island, with an area of about 3.1 square kilometers. It is the largest inhabited island in the North Penghu Sea. The terrain of the island is high in the east and low in the west. The sandy beaches and sand mouths composed of marine terrain are the largest topographic features of the island. , The beach is located in the southwest of the island, extending from the south of Xikan Mountain; at the end of the beach, due to the impact of the ocean currents, it forms a sand pier that extends into the sea. The total length is more than 700 meters. Jibei Island has a vast intertidal zone. Many large and small Shihu gathered together, totaling more than 80 seats.
Tongliang Great Banyan
36 Reviews
Geological Sites
Historical Site
隨時出走The ancient banyan tree in Tongliang is next to the sea-crossing bridge. It is a relatively unmissable attraction. The ancient banyan tree that has grown up after 300 years can span such a large corridor. It is very rare. Due to the strong sea wind, the banyan tree is long. It's not too high, and it's all developed horizontally. It's not clear whether the pillar is the first or the banyan tree is positioned first?

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Twin Hearts Stone Weir
Twin Hearts Stone WeirPenghu,China

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Zhongyang Street
Zhongyang StreetPenghu,China

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Penghu Great Bridge
Penghu Great BridgePenghu,China

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Zhuwan Dayi Temple
Zhuwan Dayi TemplePenghu,China

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Siyu Western Fort
Siyu Western FortPenghu,China

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Penghu Weather

Feb 26, 2021
18 ~ 22
Feb 27, 2021
18 / 20
Feb 28, 2021
19 / 21
Mar 1, 2021
20 / 22
Mar 2, 2021
18 / 22
Mar 3, 2021
17 / 20
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Penghu
Feb 26, 2021 Penghu Weather:Sunny, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:84%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:27/18:03

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