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When I arrived at Wuhu, a sea breeze hit, it felt great. The first stop to reach Wuhu is the vegetable garden marine pasture, where the puffer fish, the carp, the flowering branches, and the grilled oysters are caught. The waters of Penghu are beautiful, and the blue color makes people think that they are close, so clear. A lot of fun in the ranch, fishing the flower branches, put down the fishing line, slowly wait for it to hook, only see the line sinking, slowly pull up, the fat figure slowly dances with the pole, very Interesting, but this can't be pulled ashore, you can only catch it in the air. The staff took out the little pufferfish and made it angry. It became mad and the thorns opened and it was very interesting. When the gas is over, it starts to spit water, then slowly disappears and restores the appearance of the small fish. Back to the shore, it is roasting oysters. Before the roasting, there will be a teacher telling how to bake, and there is no limit to the amount of oysters here. The characteristic pastures have something to eat and have to have a beautiful view.
Posted: 27 Dec 2018
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You can see the sky in the lake at 4 o'clock in the morning? The sky is still not bright. It is quite lively in the third fish market in Magong City, the main island of the Central Lake in the Taiwan Strait. The fishermen who go out to the sea will move the fish into the market. On the opening, the buyers select one by one and write their own bids on a piece of paper to the boss, and finally the highest bidder. Today's fish is not too much, but in winter it is the most fat of the mackerel. The locals use it for frying, or for making fish, very delicious. The largest one (about 20 kilograms) on the day can sell more than 30,000 Taiwan dollars, or nearly 7,000 yuan. Winter's Penghu Islands are kingdoms ruled by the wind, and the strong northeast monsoon is almost regressive. In this weather, the fishermen still go out to sea - this was the outpost when Zheng successfully recovered Taiwan. The archipelago is an island of fishermen, although her population has been steadily decreasing in recent years a new generation of young people, like their peers around the world, flock to the bustling and tempting big cities, leaving their parents They still stick to tradition. In the fish market in Penghu, we have seen many fish market female bosses. The Taiwanese companions in the same industry said that there are many widows in this place in Wuhu, especially in the past days, the husband never came back to the sea, lonely. When the woman pulled the children and could not get on the boat, she opened a small shop selling aquatic products at the dock, and worked hard. When I think about it, I really understand why the fishermen believe in Mazu so much. For those who live in the sea, what is more important than the safe return of their loved ones?
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