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Speaking of eating in Thailand, we all think of diversity and emphasis on the taste of northern Thailand in Bangkok. But in fact, it comes to eating, Phuket also very own characteristics. Raya was named in the 2019 Michelin Bibendum restaurant, hid it in a centenary building in Phuket town, mixing Taiwanese and European style, brick by brick carries the memories of the past. Open the doors, the door of the old gramophone, soft, soothing ballad Thailand, Thailand hint of vanilla, hangs a black and white, old photos on the wall. Everything is like this softly humming past the old family store. Many shop signs dishes, among crab curry with rice, braised pork, spicy shrimp Phuket are unique traditional dishes. Traditional dishes adhere to Phuket plus decades as one of good taste. No wonder even without advertising, or to attract a lot of movie stars, celebrities, royalty, and also celebrities have to taste too. Address: 48 New Dibuk Road, Phuket Old Town  Tel: 076 218 155,076 232 236 (best booking)
Miss Cat
Patong Beach
The vacation on Phuket was 8 days, one day per beach, and on Pa Tong Beach, which we did not take seriously, we encountered a beautiful skyscape of thousands of red clouds.As everyone knows, Pa Tong Beach is the most developed of the Phuket Island beaches, which has the most complete design, and therefore has the most tourists, especially ones from tour groups. During the day time Pa Tong Beach has the most tourists, who densely fill up the beach. Tourists who like to walk and go shopping will love this area, since near the beach there are several streets with shops and restaurants. At night, people come and go from the resorts, open-air bars, cafeterias, and night clubs near the beach, so during the night Pa Tong Beach will show an entirely different face. With bare feet, against the light of the setting sun, welcoming the waves, breathing the sea air, stepping on the soft sand, you truly enjoy travel.Special reminder: The general level of prices is highest in Pa Tong Beach on Phuket Island, so do not spend your money there. A few streets removed from the beach, the general price level is slightly lower.
Koh Khai Nok
In the beautiful island of Phuket, look at the beautiful scenery, enjoy the rare sunshine and sandy beach; here we must choose the sea, but also to people less scenic beauty of the place, so that your trip to Phuket is considered perfect. For example, our eggs Island, Bamboo Island, is very suitable.
Kris Yang
Four years ago in Bali, I did not eat the Naughty Nuri's grilled ribs, as it opened a global chain stores in the home, and finally in Phuket to eat, and now in Shanghai, Macau, Vietnam, Malaysia also can eat to. Zhendian signature dishes grilled ribs, ribs surgeon eat it, certainly pickers players, but grabbed his hand grazed, more flavor; pork bellies piece string of fat but not greasy, crispy and delicious; baked milk pig is worth a try, few people can be half a chef will cut the pig roast suckling pig makes up the appearance, can be described as the intentions of the wobble plate. Drinks store is full of surprises, fireworks green coconut, as well as milkshakes,  have ordered the clerk to hold tea, along with the name of tambourine music shake, between meals as well as dance and music performances. The tall, thin, little brother dancing is terrific, very fond of his dance.
Miss Cat
Phuket Weekend Market
Surprisingly this was my first time coming to the Phuket weekend market, from Karon Beach I drove a small scooter for 30 minutes to get there, and it is only 3 minutes away from Kingpower by scooter. At first I thought that it would be entirely full of tour groups, and I did not imagine that I wouldn’t see a single Chinese person. But isn’t it a pleasure when we see our Russian friends everywhere eating and making a ruckus? My feeling is that this night market is more localized, and the food is clean and tasty. In terms of the snacks, it is better than the weekend night markets in Chiang Mai and Krabi by a bit, though in such a larger area there were many things that varied significantly, severely! After tasting 6 or 7 dishes, there were pleasant surprises and unpleasant surprises.
Wat Chalong
The hotel is not far from Chalong Temple, with the feeling that the temple does not fly UAVs what a pity. Not now from seeing a security guard, I think it will not let me fly. Then went to a distant place, and then control the UAV camera in the corner. Fly for some time, feeling almost looks too, when ready to drop, see the security was riding a motorcycle to me. I want to set is not let me fly, but luckily they have packed up, ready to close up. Wat Chalong, Phuket island's most significant Buddhist temple built-in 1837 locates in the south of Phuket, Chalong Bay. Do not have tickets to enter the temple which require slippers. Girls wear suspenders or disheveled man allowed to come, the magnificent hall, the superb. There are high temple incense and flowers can receive free, of course, next to merit incense to the point of mind, with the rooms, where no selling souvenirs and perfume, and only devout faith and serenity. [Travel Tips]: [tickets]: Free [address]: Located in the south of Phuket, Chalong Bay [Transportation]: 8 km from Phuket Town and 25 minutes.
Coral Island
Charming and beautiful tropical scenery, extensive Buddhist culture, unique folk customs are Thailand's fatal attraction. It is the superposition of three or more, plus the perfect fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Ancient and modern time with space staggered, looking for a chance gradually began to feel beautiful, but real Thai life is the right choice. Loving Phuket, I dream drip ocean in the Andaman Sea Sinking. Coral Island Coral Island, in Thailand, also known as Koh Hae or Ko Hi, Phuket, located in the southeast, from Phuket 9 km. The island is small, about 3 km from east to west, but only about 800 meters north to south width. In addition to the island fishing village, many other places are covered by jungle, over the years has not changed. Coral Island because of rich coral ecology named. Transport to and from the boat is these islands. Young people like to sit in the front, because so cool! People from the city came to the island, always take advantage of this opportunity. Intimate contact with the sea, the blue sea, different levels, different levels of blue, especially enjoy the beauty of eyes. But, sitting in front of over an Ok addiction to it, do not bite off more. Several colleagues for the first time to the island of boys and girls, this is to attract huge cool, sitting in front of the boat to and fro for hours, so that the next few days, after exposure of skin redness and peeling, appalling.
Phuket Big Buddha
The Big Buddha of Phuket is the most holy landmark on Phuket island. This imposing Guanyin Buddha statue is located on the Nakkerd Mountain between Chalong Port and Kata, facing Phang Nga Bay and with his back to the beautiful Andaman Sea. The Big Buddha is 45 meters tall, and is located at the peak of the mountain, at the center of Phuket. You only need to look up to see him. He is a symbol of peace and hope for local residents. The Big Buddha is the best place to overlook Phuket, and gazing out at the faraway sea provides a feeling of peace.
Ao Phang Nga National Park
Rafting on Phang Na Bay is really, really exciting, for those that like snorkeling they will really enjoy themselves here. For those here on New Year’s Day, they will certainly celebrate a different new year’s. Apart from us on the Canoe there were 2 women who seemed to be from Kenya, who were extremely tall and big and were happy during the entire trip. At first I thought they would be relatively disorderly in terms of how they would have fun, I didn’t expect that they would be more proactive than us in requesting a canoe coach (I don’t know what I should call them, they definitely aren’t boatmen) be a bit slower. It really was too cute ~ I sigh when I think about that it was good being together with the on the canoe. So, maybe going rafting was a big mistake. I originally wanted to go out on something stable, like a wooden raft. I didn't realize that I bought a rubber raft. I want to cry! The thing is that we didn’t bring bathing suits, and I still took my mom along to go rafting. Do you think I’m brave? After this was over, we went to the bathroom and wrung out our clothes for 10 minutes, and it really didn’t matter too much. After we were done rafting, we went to the “self-serve” lunch, and at this point I absolutely regretted that it would have been better to eat more at breakfast in the morning at the hotel. Around the dining area there is the feeling of a tropical rain forest, and for those diners that eat quickly, they are able to take a walk. Though the unlimited rafting activity is relatively stimulating, Lydia rather prefers the little monkeys. The monkey caves are not far from the rafting site, and in general any rafting course will include these. Although we did not see the caves, there were still many cute monkeys, and at small stores on the sides you can buy bananas to feed them, but the monkeys are still really aggressive, and the speed at which they can steal food from people is really astonishing. The majority are still meek, everyone is still looking into the wrong way on the selfie stick.
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