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Mosquito IslandNearby City

Mosquito Island

4.4/5224 Reviews
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Ranked #12 in Krabi Can't Miss Attractions
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Mosquito Island, also known as Koh Young (Koh Young), is an outlying island in the north of Phi Phi Island. The Mosquito Island is worthy of its name. There are a lot of mosquitoes, so remember to apply a potion before going to the island to prevent mosquito bites. Generally, there is no island here, the boat stops directly at sea and goes snorkeling. The first time I tried snorkeling, I was a little excited, mainly because I mastered the skills of breathing with my mouth, and then I was completely fine. There are a lot of fish in the sea, and the blue ones are very beautiful~ the crew brought bread, and a large group of fish came over soon, and they accidentally touched one! Haha, the underwater world is amazing. The water is actually not very clear, but it is enough to experience! . To the east of Mosquito Island is a rocky shore. A beautiful small beach is surrounded by the middle of the valley. Gorgeous coral reefs are faintly visible in the clear water. There are the most beautiful coral rocks on Phi Phi Island, attracting many tourists to snorkel. Snorkeling near the Mosquito Island is a good choice. The depth of water is about 4-5 meters. There are many fish and coral reefs, as well as sea urchins and sea cucumbers. But remember not to step on the corals, you will trample them to death. Beware of sea urchins hitting their feet."