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Continue my trip to the Castle Palace in Poland. This garden palace called Staniszw Palace is another place to pretend to be a princess! It is also a palace building with a restaurant and a hotel. There are several small castle buildings of different styles. The outdoor garden is very layered. The lawn, pine trees and small lake are interlaced in the castle garden. The interior is gorgeous Baroque style, the walled antler ornaments, the old wooden stairs, the full bookcases, all feel like walking into a gorgeous old European movie.
Posted: 22 May 2019
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Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau
It may be discerning, or may prefer the old house (it will be a good thing sooner or later), and book an old house, this time in the Jewish quarter of Krakow, Poland. Although I took more than 800 churches, I was telling the truth for the first time in Judaism. Many times before, I encountered renovations in Jewish churches, and there were not many synagogues in Europe. The Auschwitz concentration camp, 54 km west of Krakow, was the largest concentration camp and extermination camp established by the Nazis during the Second World War. The landlord was very enthusiastic to help me book a car to the concentration camp. In fact, my heart is Some resistance, the concentration camp must be a very heavy place, the traveler is so contradictory, not only to witness the pain, but also to share the joy, so still go to "visit" the concentration camp. I will not let go of the pictures. Most of them are not photographed. It is also a respect for the deceased. History teaches us not to repeat the same mistakes. There is a alley behind the old house, there is an antique shop, the sky, the big hidden in the city! I patiently picked it up for a long time and finally picked a beautifully carved wood carving. I suspected that it was lifted from a certain piece of furniture. It looked like it was bought especially. It was not expensive for ten dollars. I was thinking, this grandfather opened. An antique shop that no one will patronize, and all the things in it are ten or twenty. It is not expensive at all. Is it waiting for some of his relatives to buy him a special item like in the novel? But at least I am not his good person. The Jewish quarter and the central market are completely different styles. One is like a calm uncle, a more handsome guy like the sun. On the one hand, it is cold and clear, while the other is singing and dancing. Its hard to say in the same city. Is it ironic or cultural diversity.
I booked an old house. When I actually went to live, I met a big cloudy day. It seems that the old house should not be haunted. ? After sitting for a long time, the train was too tired to fall into the house and fell asleep. The next day, the sun was shining into the window and woke me up. With the sunlight, the old house was very comfortable. There was a very literary table and chair at the door of my room. . When the landlord was bragging, I heard that his family emblem was an owl, so the old house was called the owl house, and there was an owl embossing on the top of the old house. The style of an old house next door was completely different from a bat! And there are a lot of embossed portraits. The expression is too embarrassing, so I didn't shoot, but it feels cool! Walking along the street, I found that the houses on the whole street were not built in 1940, and they are all witnesses of history! The landlord is very enthusiastic, tell me where fun is delicious, then! I really took me to eat the most delicious dumplings in Poland. There are blueberry dumplings, raspberry dumplings, apple dumplings, cheese dumplings and many more. I can't taste anything! Go out and walk along the river for 2 minutes to see the castle! The girls on the banks of the castle are sunbathing in bikinis. The daddy dads actually wear their shirts and take their children to sunbathe. How can this be done under the crowd? Can I join? Forget it, I still don't want to sunbathe, and then I have to change from bronze to black. []. Going to the city again, you can find an open-air tavern at the central market and take two glasses of beer to sit for an afternoon. After all, the girls and men who come and go are really eye-catching! There are also continually decorated carriages in a medieval style.
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