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Port Augusta Train Park

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Recommended Sightseeing Time: 1-2 hours
Address: Seaview Road, Port Augusta, South Australia 5700, Australia

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Self-driving South Australia is a very hard journey. Today, we set off from Port Lincoln back to Adelaide at around 2pm as planned. The journey is 652 kilometers and a 7-hour self-driving drive. We expect to arrive at our destination a little more than 9pm. I thought this was just an ordinary return journey, but it made me encounter the strangest trip since I started traveling. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I packed my bags and drove from Port Lincoln to Port Augusta. I drove along the route given by the navigation. There was nothing unusual. I was busy with my work and was totally out of the mood to look at the roadside scenery. We arrived at Port Augusta before seven in the evening. Take a short break to see if the time has just arrived at 7 o'clock, we drove directly from Augusta to Adelaide in a hurry. If everything goes well, we will arrive at our destination before 11 o'clock. But in the last 330 kilometers, a strange thing happened: I drove on Augusta Hwy smoothly according to the navigation, and my class time came again. After instructing Mr. Tea to drive carefully, I started to bury my head in the back seat for the students. Class. After an hour of waiting, the course was over and I had some time to rest. I looked up at the outside of the car. It was dark and there were no street lights. "It is true that the land is sparsely populated, the local government is too economical, there are no street lights, and I am not afraid of a car accident at night." I muttered and turned on my phone to see where I was going, but when I turned it on When using an electronic map, I found that the small red arrow that represents our coordinates on the map has been spinning in place without moving at all. The distance to the destination is always the same kilometers and time. "It's not that the phone is broken?" I looked at the driver's seat in front, and my companion drove the car silently, the engine roared and the speed displayed on the dashboard was 110 miles; I glanced at the navigator next to him. I found that the arrow above was also spinning in place; the darkness outside the car window made people feel uneasy inexplicably, the dazzling red on the mobile phone and navigator seemed to indicate something? I picked up the phone to confirm the phone signal, it was normal; clicked on the map again to confirm the location, and the red arrow revolved around unscrupulously; changing to a map software, still like this... "Do you see if you are on the wrong path?", "This map Is there something wrong, how can it show that we have been in place?" I was expecting Mr. Tea as the driver to give me a normal answer, but he didn't say a word. I followed the headlights and looked forward. The straight road was endless. There were no cars or cars behind. Apart from the roar of the self-driving car, I could not hear any other sounds. Seeing the signs on the highway running backwards, we on the map have been staying in place. I looked out of the window helplessly. Suddenly, a white road sign flashed through my eyes, "D, E, A, D......", God, am I dazzled, or do I have this? Road sign? Faced with this unsolvable situation, a huge panic flooded my heart. "Hey, say something, we seem to have a problem now, the map shows that we have been in place!" I amplified my voice and said to Mr. Tea. He who had been silent before turned his head slightly, revealing a small side of his face, and replied to me in a low and unspeakable voice: "Or, let's have a chat?" The cold light of the dashboard reflected on his face. , Cold, not human. "It's not his voice, what should I do? What should I do?", my class time is up, let's continue class, ignore him... "Stop talking, I'm going to class." I quickly turned on the computer and glanced at him secretly. Has silently turned his head and looked forward. "Don't think too much, don't think too much, start the class..." Originally a 40-minute class, I abruptly dragged on for 50 minutes... During the period, I kept checking the map and the route, but nothing changed. The car We are driving, but we are still spinning in place. At the moment when I was about to collapse, a car light suddenly flashed on the face. I looked out the window, and did I send the car? A burst of ecstasy came to my heart, and I looked down at the map. Finally, 3 hours after the car drove out of Port Augusta, the map returned to normal inexplicably, indicating that our little red arrow began to move smoothly towards the destination. I tried After a few words with Mr. Tea, the strange and low tone disappeared, and the person I knew was back. Until this time, my heartbeat that was about to burst slowly began to slow down...At 12:30 that night, after 5 and a half hours, we finally arrived at the hotel in Adelaide. Originally, it only took less than 4 hours to drive, but we spent more than 5 hours. As for the extra hour and a half, I really don’t know what happened... Until I returned to China and stayed in my own peaceful little In the nest, I just picked up the pen and recorded this frightening journey in South Australia. To

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