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Top Things to do In Procida 2020



114 things to do found in Procida
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Island of Capri

Island of CapriNearby City

4.6/5169 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"You must go for free travel in Italy, the lingering island of Capri. The most important thing to go to Capri Island is to see the Blue Hole, but unfortunately the wind and waves are too strong, so I went to Mount Solaro to sit on the cable chair. It's very exciting to be alone with nothing under your feet, but you can see the beauty of the entire Capri Island."
Grotta Azzurra

Grotta AzzurraNearby City

4.7/543 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 179 reviews
"Capri Island has the Blue Hole known as one of the seven wonders of the world. The Blue Cave is a limestone topography and is a sea-eroded cave. The entrance of the cave is under the cliff. The entrance is very small. The height above the sea is only 85 cm. Therefore, it can only be entered by swimming or by boat on a calm and sunny day. The reason why the blue cave is called the "blue cave" is because the sunlight shines from the narrow entrance into the spacious cave and reflects up through the blue water in the cave, making the entire sea cave appear a magnificent crystal blue."
Mount Vesuvius

Mount VesuviusNearby City

4.3/597 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 8073 reviews
"Absolutely beautiful mountain and the grapes grown on the mountainaide make some delicious wines! I highly suggest doing a tour and wine tasting!"
Isola la Gaiola

Isola la GaiolaNearby City

4.1/511 Reviews
"It’s a beautiful island, and the development also pays attention to protecting the environment. The area of this island is not very large, and many natural landscapes can be accessed here. The island’s culture is also very rich, and a lot of content is still relatively good. Not bad."
Amalfi Coast

Amalfi CoastNearby City

4.6/5124 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 481 reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
Blue Tulip
"If you want to understand the style of southern Italy, go to Naples: Not only is there the Amalfi Coast selected by National Geographic magazine as the 50 must-visit places in a lifetime, the beautiful bay not only gives it beauty, but also Rich seafood, rich in lemons, the birthplace of pizza. Surrounded by Mount Vesuvius, it slowly stretches towards the sky, and the twilight rises up, forming the scene of today's bay surrounded by cliffs, with beautiful arcs of large and small, colorful houses connected together. In addition, it is far away from the hustle and bustle, completely free from secular intrusions, pure and peaceful, it has become an Italian holiday paradise, and the garden after the rich Europeans gather. The left side of our car is green hills, and the right side is the sea. Driving in the drizzle, we have been along the winding, high and low roads along the sea, extending forward against the mountain wall, and the green mountains and blue sea have been with us. The Amalfi Coast includes Ravello, Positano, Minori, Amalfi and many other small towns with beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery, such as Ravello, Positano, Minori and Amalfi. When I arrived in the town, the rain had stopped and the sky was bright. The town is backed by mountains and faces the sea, and is distributed on the slopes between the mountains and the sea. The houses in the town are small and exquisite, colorful and dazzling. They are printed with the blue water, the blue sky and the long white clouds. The small town of Amalfi integrates shopping, food, and a daze. It is rich in lemons, so the local lemons are made into lemon wine drinks. After a meal, one bite is helpful for digestion. Friends who like them can buy them here. Later, we will visit Positano, Rome, Milan, Venice and other places. It is more expensive than here. Go around and get lost in a small town full of flowers on the seascape. With your footsteps, you will find your favorite little corner of the town. The colorful shops also support the whole picture. The small town is a beautiful and romantic painting under the warm sunshine and green plants."
Via Caracciolo e Lungomare di Napoli

Via Caracciolo e Lungomare di NapoliNearby City

4.6/512 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"It is not a seaside city. The cruise industry here is relatively developed, and the coastline is particularly long. There are many cruise ships here, large, medium and small cruise ships stop at it, and they can also reach Sorrento and other places. Unfortunately, it was cloudy day without blue sky and white clouds."
Cimitero delle Fontanelle

Cimitero delle FontanelleNearby City

4.9/58 Reviews
Open from 10:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"A local spot in Naples that is rarely known by foreign tourists. The story of the tomb began with the flu hundreds of years ago. Thousands of people died of the flu, and their bones were stored in this cave. The family can’t tell which is their relatives, they just take away a skull and ask for the blessing of the deceased (only old people would do it a long time ago), the deceased helped people realize their wishes, so they came back to this tomb to help him. The bones of the deceased built a "small house" (usually a wooden or glass box) and presented gifts to show respect and gratitude."
Mount Solaro

Mount SolaroNearby City

4.6/513 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 2624 reviews
"At 589 meters above sea level, the highest point of Capri Island, you can see the panoramic view of the Bay of Naples, Ischia Island and Procida Island on a sunny day, and you can enjoy a 360° panoramic visual experience."
Grotta dello Smeraldo

Grotta dello SmeraldoNearby City

4.1/510 Reviews
Open from 10:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"Compared with Capri’s Blue Hole, Grotta dello Smeraldo and Canner reflect the feeling of a hole, and there are few tourists, which can cost five euros. Basically, there are only two or three people in a boat, you can quietly tour, there are surprises at the bottom of the cave, and you will know when you go."
The Footpath of the Gods

The Footpath of the GodsNearby City

4.4/57 Reviews
"Featured Neighbourhood"
"Path Of the Gods is a famous hiking route. Because of its low difficulty and unlimited scenery, there are more people walking. The starting point of the route is Bomerano (the east end, you need to take the bus to get there), Positano (the west end) is the end point, and vice versa. It takes 4-5 hours to walk down. The morning departure starts from Bomerano, and the afternoon departure from Positano. It will not face the big sun. This is a sun protection secret that can be found in the guide. We set off from Amalfi on the sita bus (Interlude: No tickets are purchased on this journey, and there will be 3 minutes left at that time. The 3 of us blocked the driver from driving, and 2 of us rushed to the ice cream shop next to the passenger service center to buy tickets. Get on the bus and drive; the Italian bus takes a long time, every 1 hour, and it’s not easy to wait, so the driver can also wait a few minutes, so the Italian bus is not on time), the bus circled up the mountain to the starting point of Bomerano, about 3.5 hours on foot , Walking along the coastline all the way up the mountain, basically no difficulty, walking to nocelle, afraid of the 2000 downhill steps, waited for nearly 45 minutes, took the sita bus down the mountain to reach Poditano, this time the ticket was at a stall next to the bus station to buy frost Selling, 1.3 Euro ticket + 0.2 Euro service fee, what a magical operation, but the sale of Frost is pretty good. PS: There are several hiking routes, the longest is 7-8 hours, and the shortest is 2-3 hours." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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