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Things To Do in Provins

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
华-RainbowThe medieval town of Prowan has a history of over 500 years, the whole town is quaint and elegant, the stone buildings, the pale yellow exterior walls, and the twisting river, how beautiful it is.
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J224Fantastic stay. Worth every penny. Unforgettable family holiday
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乖小咪The Eagle City Wall of Provins is part of the Provins Castle. This section of the city wall has a history of more than 1,000 years. Although it has a long history, it is still very strong. It used to be a major military town, and the city walls and fortresses were very strong, showing its importance at that time. And now, everyone is fortunate enough to see this historical relic, really very lucky.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
TripFontainebleau Palace, located southeast of Paris, is known as a "looking glass into French history." It is listed as a World Heritage Site. Originally a royal hunting site, it later became one of the important palaces of the French Renaissance. Later, numerous famous architects and artists took part in its renovation and left imprints of styles from various eras.
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sculptorThe Louvre or Louvre Museum is the largest art gallery in the world and a historical monument in Paris, France. It is the central landmark of the city, located on the right bank of the Seine in the first district of the city. From prehistory to the 21st century, there are approximately 38,000 objects on display on an area of 72,735 square meters. In 2019, the Louvre received 9.6 million visitors, making it the most visited museum in the world.
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Observation Deck
QuinissaThe icon of Paris! Make sure you see the tower when you come to Paris. It is really magnificent, the height, the details. Also, make sure you see it at night time as well, when the lights up. IT IS EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL. If you wait until midnight, there will be lights twinkling right at 00.00. The best view point is high up across the river. There will be some musicisans playing at nights too there, making it more romantic.

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