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Puerto Princesa,Recommendations
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Puerto Princesa,Recommendations
The last stop on the island - Splash House. Originally going to the famous Haixing Island, but the locals said that there is almost no starfish on the starfish island. Is there a starfish that can be called Haixing Island? So the tour guide took us to the splash, saying that the style is different from the previous two islands, and it is also very distinctive. In fact, this is not an island. It is an offshore platform that breeds a variety of marine life for viewing or for consumption. Why is it called splash house? Look at the two pictures above and below to understand (splash is the meaning of water) actually like this small place, the waves of the sea surface, into the distant mountains, the boatman and the owner of the platform like old friends I was so excited to play basketball. Except we don't bother with any other visitors. It is said that this small platform in the peak season can not be found in an empty seat. It can be seen that the off-season also has the advantage of off-season. Sitting on the platform and letting the sea have no feet, I hope that time can be condensed at this moment, leaving the outer shells of those spots, which is more like a place of life. The owner of the platform has come to the pool to pick up all the creatures we have seen or not seen, and we invite us to take photos. Do you know what this is? For the tour guide, I knew that it was called "" (pronounced: hou fourth sound). It was so ugly, but there was a nice name called husband and wife and squid. Marine arthropods, blood is magical blue. It is said that it was like this 400 million years ago. I dont know if its lazy or not. Starfish has always wanted to touch when I saw it on Pandan Island. The platform owner has generously fulfilled my wish. The starfish that was fished out of the water was actually hard, and there was no feeling of slimy feeling at all. Holding a few photos in my hand, it was getting softer and softer, and I quickly put it back in the pool. The platform is a simple basket, but everyone has a good time. In the Philippines, where basketball is loved, it is a rare experience to have a game with the locals. Just I am worried, what should I do if the ball flies out of the platform? Then, if it really flies out, the locals are all good swimmers. Hurrying into the sea, smashing the ball back, nothing to do ~ continue to play ~ limited time, even if not enough to play enough, not enough, there is always time to leave. Goodbye, Utopia-style splash house!
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