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Ugong Rock

Ugong Rock

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"Geological Sites"
Shirley Zhu
"The English name of Ugong Rock Adventure is ugong rock adventure, which is named after the rocks here can make the sound of Ugong. A TV station in the Philippines set up a venue for shooting outdoor adventure shows. After the shooting, it became a good place for tourists to explore deep caves, zip lines, and rock climbing. Therefore, you need to wear a helmet and protective gloves before you actually start, which means you have to dress up as a miner to be safe. Visitors entering Wugongshi will be divided into small groups of about 10 people, led by a guide. The strange rocks in the cave are rugged, and sometimes only one person can pass through the narrow place, and if you get a little fatter, you may get stuck and rubbed. This is a spot full of mockery for fat people! The guide is an elderly woman, but she is more vigorous and more flexible than ours. She said that she has to go up and down four or five times a day, and we all found it hard to hear. She guided us to knock on the rock wall of the mountain, and indeed there was an echo like a "ugong". The guide also told us that the cave we were in was actually a corner of the seabed, and later passed through the crust. The change has evolved into the current black attack stone. Thinking of the underground river where we were just now, sometimes the vicissitudes of life, but also in a moment. The mountains in Ugong are not big, not high, only one or two hundred meters, but the rocks are rugged. The paving of the boardwalk can not help but amaze the designer and the construction party's ingenuity. Before reaching the end of this section of the road, I will never know where to stay on the next section of the road. Without the guidance of the guide, I will probably get lost in a pile of rocks. In one of them, there is a hole on the mountain wall with an inclination angle of nearly 90 degrees. To climb the mountain wall and pass through the hole, a tow rope must be put on; hands and feet must be pulled by the staff above to successfully "climb". Therefore, it is best to store all your backpacks before entering the cave, and bring a camera or mobile phone, so as not to affect your movements when leaning, climbing, or avoiding. We almost didn't stop, let alone rest, and arrived at the top of the mountain in less than 10 minutes. Just now, I was still in the dark and cramped cave. After climbing to the top, my eyes were suddenly enlightened and my eyes were surrounded by thousands of acres of fertile fields and green hills. I felt very fulfilling! By the way, the fun part of Wu Gongshi is that you don't have to worry about going down the mountain and you need to use your hands and feet to climb down. There is a jungle zipline on the top of the mountain, which is very thrilling! The courageous can also choose the action of superman to jump down the zipline."