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The Qianyekou of Hebei Qian'an National Geological Park is located in Shanyekou Village, Dawuli Township, Qian'an City. The pebbles everywhere are 3.85 billion years ago. The pebbles and sediments of the ancient seabed were formed by high temperature and high pressure and by crustal movement. It has the reputation of multicolored amber on the sea floor. The rich and complete Taikoo landforms here are praised by geologists as the holographic seabed geological archives, which is worth seeing. I also encountered super delicious chestnut noodles and fried chestnuts. This aunt's chestnut noodles is very famous in the local area, 3 yuan a, fried chestnuts 15 yuan a pound, if you come, you must try it.
Posted: 30 Sep 2019
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The strength of the best friend is strong, and some of the attractions that I never knew can be touched by the experienced team members. This time I arrived at the cold gate of the city. The original name was Qingshui Mingyue Pass, and the Shahe River passing through the gate was famous for its clear water. The waters in the south of Guanzuo City are wide, and the moon is volleyed. It reflects the spring waters. The landscape of the mountains and rivers has a long history, and it is worthy of the reputation of Qingshui Mingyueguan. Its name change belongs to the royal approval: it is said that one winter, Emperor Kangxi came to the cold mouth on a private visit with a donkey, but wanted to pass the pass, but due to the rush of snow, several times failed to pass. Later, Kang Xi learned that Zhang Guo was riding the donkey and was difficult to pass. However, when he arrived at the door, due to the slippery road and the loss of his forefoot, Kangxi was thrown down. He couldnt help but say, The cold mouth and the sadness of the attacking people! So, Qingshui Mingyueguan was changed to "Cold mouth off." The cold mouth is built on the vicissitudes of the phoenix hills. The phoenix mountains look like a phoenix with wings. There are two greenish rocks at the mountainside of the main peak, like the eyes of the phoenix. There are green, brown and yellow mixed rocks on both sides of the main peak, such as the colorful phoenix wings, and the 12 consecutive mountain peaks are like the phoenix tail. There are castles on the 12 peaks of the mountain, so it is called "Twelve Towers of Phoenix Mountain". Guancheng was built with the mountain and the walls were brick-built. There are training grounds in the south of the city. There are several important battles happening here. This is a very famous pass in history! Awesome!
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