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Top Things to do In Qianwei County 2021



130 things to do found in Qianwei County
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Historic Sites

XibazhenNearby City

4.4/520 Reviews
"Ancient Settlement"
Leshan Top 5 in Ancient Towns and Villages
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"It took about an hour by car from Leshan to Xiba. Before entering the town, I saw the billboards of various tofu shops, which are still intangible cultural heritage. Get off the car and go straight to the goal-38 Hotel. When you go to Xiba, you must eat Xiba tofu. The legendary food did not disappoint us. The dishes are really good. You can eat all of Xiba’s three must-dos (tofu, ginger, rice wine). After dinner, visit the ancient town. I asked a few local people, and they all said that the old courtyard and stone alleys were gone, and even worse, they were demolished in 1958. I don’t know what happened to the pictures of ancient courtyard gates and bluestone alleys on the Internet, and we don’t have more time to research. Walking into the old street where the locals pointed out is not a stone road but a cement road, it does not feel like an ancient town, but you can feel the ease and leisure of life in the town. There is a small teahouse in the alley for a while, with a few small tables and bamboo chairs, and the TV is on, there are three or five tea guests sitting idle. When I walked to the riverside, I saw the stone stele of Xiba Ancient Town. From there, I walked into the main street and walked to the fishing place of Marshal Liu Bocheng at the other end. The beginning of the main street is still quite vicissitudes of life. After that, there are many small shops and stalls on the street, setting off the lively streetscape. There are many tofu shops, and the stalls selling braised meat are also characteristic. It seems that the life of the town people is sincere. Not bad. Marshal Liu Bocheng’s fishing place on the banks of the Moxi River has a nice view, and you can see the rape tweed on the opposite bank. It is said that between 1924 and 1925, Liu Bocheng, who was recovering from Wutong Bridge, went up to Zengdian'er on the bank of Moxi by boat on many occasions, drinking tea and fishing, and wrote a poem: Cangshan penetrates the horizon, and the green suburbs are covered with cauliflower. ; The creek boat swings through the shadows of the mountains and flowers, and sets the fragrant tea for floating tea."
Jiajiang Qianfo Cliff

Jiajiang Qianfo CliffNearby City

4.3/598 Reviews
"Historical Site"
Open from 8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Long ago the heart of the Qianfo cliff, located in the Jiajiang Qingyi River, and Guangyuan Qianfo cliff echo, of course, not as famous as the latter. It is built as a scenic spot together with Dongfeng Fengyi, which is the most famous attraction in Jiajiang. It will not be disappointing, nor will it be too stunning. 1. Location: southwest of Jiajiang, east of Qingyi River, you can drive directly to the gate of the scenic spot, not need to park in the scenic parking lot in advance. 2. Open 9-5. 3. Price: 50 yuan per person, price is well matched with actual value. 4. Watch points: 1. The gateway is an ancient town built, there is a Jiajiang Cultural Museum = Jiajiang County Museum, which tells the historical development and economic and social aspects of Jiajiang, you can understand the scenery of Qianfo cliff and Dongfeng, it is worth learning and then visiting. There are specialty sales in town, Jiajiang rich in Xuan paper, porcelain, sugarcane and tea, because close to Emei Mountain, Tianfu Tea Garden tea taste good, you can buy some taste. 2. In the door can see Dongfengyu Hydrological Station, next to a small waterfall, is actually the water from the dike. 3. The cliff of the thousand Buddha is mainly the inscription wall of the Buddha's gravel and the literati's saucy visitors of the dynasties, and thousands of Buddha's inscription on the red sandstone wall is spectacular. Unfortunately, the Cultural Revolution almost destroyed the Buddha's head, the headless Buddha lacks the essence, let people be stung; The inscription of the slugger is mostly good, many poems are also quite good, but lack of famous family, so not famous. 4. Close to the Qingyi River, the river scenery Cuibi happy, the river cool and clear people, climbing the Great View Mountain, can bird's eye view of the east wind, the wind and sun, must be a good scenery. 5. The scenic area is the Dongfengyu Hydrological Museum at the end, and once again details the history of Dongfengyu's construction and Jiajiang specialties. This county is very good at marketing its own brand, one by one, echoing each other, deepening the impression. Four-star recommendation, worth a special trip to the place."
Liujiang Old Town

Liujiang Old TownNearby City

4.3/5358 Reviews
"Ancient Settlement"
"#2020国庆出游,烟雨柳江# This is my second visit to Liujiang Ancient Town. I really like the style of this ancient town. It retains the characteristics of the ancient town very well and is not commercialized. [Candy][Candy]About admission ticket[Candy][Candy]. Free admission[糖][糖]About parking[糖][ , It’s a long walk, especially after visiting the ancient town.) Friendly suggestion, the car keeps driving into the ancient town, crossing the bridge, and there is a parking lot across the street from the hotel, which is convenient. The parking fee is 20 yuan. [Candy][Candy]About the play route[糖][糖]The queen mother doesn’t like to go back wherever she goes out, so our route this time starts from the Zeng’s compound along the river and enjoys the beautiful scenery along the way. Then walk to the fork of Yuping Mountain, cross the bridge to the main street along the river in the ancient town to eat, take pictures of ancient banyan trees, and buy ducks. Return again. [Candy][Candy]About the characteristics of the ancient town It's really beautiful. Ancient towns will be built on water, and a gravity dam composed of 50 stone piers has been built on this river in Liujiang Ancient Town. When the water is not big, you can cross the river to the other bank. In the few days we went to the upper reaches of the rain, the water almost flooded the stone piers and couldn't pass through, and the clear river water also turned into muddy color. It was satisfying to see this special scenery if we couldn't cross the bridge. Second, the ancient banyan tree and Diaojiaolou. The easiest way to identify whether the ancient town is historical is to find the ancient banyan tree. I heard that the ancient town of Liujiang has a history of 700 years. There are several ancient banyan trees on the old street in the town. It was really shocking when I went to the scene. The ancient banyan tree is very tall. The trunk is very thick, at least three people should hug it. Visitors come into contact with the roots of the trees up close and meandering. Third, visiting Liujiang for food is like falling into a duck’s nest. Zhu Duck, Zhang Duck, Guo Duck, Sweet Skin Duck and Tengjiao Duck are the star products here. If you don't know which one is delicious, just watch the people gathered at the door. Fourth, the nearby Yuping Mountain is very close, and the highlight is the glass plank road. I didn't go in when it rained that day. There is Wawu Mountain nearby to play together. Wander around the ancient town, eat delicious food, and chat with the old life. Return home to Meishan to eat a mullet fillet. The day is also fulfilling. Recommend to visit Liujiang." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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