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About Qingdao

The first impression visitors get of Qingdao is one of a beautiful city with red tiles, green trees, blue oceans, bluer sky and the Taoist holy site of Laoshan. Qin Shi Huang once visited here to view the sea, Xu Fu made the long journey from here to Dongpu and this is where the May Fourth Movement began. European countries have all left their own mark here, including an annual International Beer Fest, so there are many well-preserved old buildings combining German and Asian features. This is one of northern China's rare seaside resort towns that is also replete with a romantic artistic flavor. Qingdao's seafood and beer are enchanting to visitors. The Tsingdao Beer Museum and brewery is a huge attraction.

Popular Attractions in Qingdao

Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean Park
21,291 Reviews
The Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean Park is located on the south side of Qingdao Stone Man Holiday Resort. It is a large-scale marine animals display and performance attraction that is fine-tuned to the needs of families. The museum displays more than 200 polar animals such as beluga, penguins, polar bears, and many other rare marine creatures. Some of the attraction highlights include watching the beluga and dolphin show, walking through the underwater tunnel, and observing the sharks swim.
Mount Lao
10,272 Reviews
Mount Lao (LáoShān 崂山) Scenic Area, situated just 30 kilometers east of ShiNan Central Business District, is one of Qingdao City’s top tourists destinations. As the cradle of Taoism in China and known in traditional Qingdao folklore as the home of immortals, Laoshan soars 1133 meters above sea level. Mount Lao is dotted with green tea terraces at lower elevations that produce some of China’s finest teas. If you are coming to China’s Sailing City, you should set aside at least one day to visit mainland’s highest coastal mountain range. Popular attractions include: Temple of Supreme Purity (太清宮; Tài Qīng Gōng), Yakou Temple (垭口宮; Yā Kǒu Gōng), Temple of Great Purity (上清宮; Shàng Qīng Gōng), Longtan Waterfall (龙潭瀑; Lóng Tán Pù), Temple of Supreme Peace (太平宮; Tài Píng Gōng), Hualou Temple (华楼宮; Huá Lóu Gōng), Huayan Temple (华严寺; Huáyán Sì).
Qingdao Underwater World
16,315 Reviews
Exhibition Hall
Qingdao Underwater World is located in the Shinan District of Qingdao. At the attraction you get to see a variety of living marine animals and biological specimens. You can also walk through a transparent underwater tunnel and enjoy wonderful underwater performances such as “Human and Shark Dance”, which is popular among families and children.
5,628 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Featured Neighbourhood
Badaguan is made up of crisscrossing streets in the southern part of downtown Qingdao. Most of the streets are named after great military forts in China. Badaguan boasts a tranquil environment with different scenery in each of the seasons. There are peach blossoms in the spring, crape myrtle in the summer, and in the fall you can see golden ginkgo leaves.There are also many villas built in different national styles, providing well-known spots for photography.

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Trip Moments

Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city. Due to the special historical reasons of the past, there are many exotic buildings in the old city, which have become the characteristics of this city. There is a Catholic church on Zhejiang Road, one of the most beautiful churches in Qingdao, and the towering tower top attracts countless tourists.
Most of the time I came to the Catholic Church, there are new people wearing wedding photos, this is a natural photography base. The church was designed and built by the Germans and was built in 1932.
According to the original design of the church, it should have been built to a height of 100 meters, but it was built in the outbreak of World War II. Hitler rigorously circulated the funds of the country. In the case of insufficient funds, he had to modify the drawings to cut costs. The tower was 56 meters high.
Even so, this church is the tallest building in Shandong Province before the founding of the People's Republic of China, or the only church in China.
The inside of the church can also be visited, but for a fee, the ticket is 10 yuan, it is recommended to go in and have a look. The church covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, the pointed red tower top is very eye-catching, and each of the two towers has a cross of 4.5 meters high.
The hall inside the church is 18 meters high and can accommodate thousands of people. It is spacious and bright.
Usually at 6 o'clock every day, the mass is Sunday from 8:00 to 9 o'clock. It will be open to visitors after the mass.
Posted: 20 Dec 2018
Shirley Zhu   
Posted: 3 Nov 2019
Shirley Zhu   
Posted: 2 Nov 2019
Qingdao Badaguan is not only a villa area, the seaside scenery is also very beautiful

Badaguan is the essence of Qingdao's old city, is also a must visit to Qingdao, the most well-known is the preserved bungalows and villas The environment is quiet and many locals come here to take wedding dresses.
In addition to the villa, the scenery of the seaside is also good. This seaside park is free to open. It is near the sign of the stone building in Badaguan. The sea is clear and there are many reefs on the shore.
In addition to wedding photography, many tourists come here to punch cards. Although it is summer, the sea breeze is very cool. There is a small pavilion at the beach, which is a good place to enjoy the scenery and rest.
Many couples choose to take a wedding dress here, behind the blue and clear sea, just pick a piece of reef is a rare beauty. There are many lounge chairs in the pine forest on the shore for visitors to rest. The scenery of
Ba Daguan can be said to be the representative of Qingdao's old city. There are many villas and houses with various shapes. Most of them were built in the 1930s and 1940s and are known as the Museum of Architecture of the World.
Ba Daguan Because the eight roads in this area are named after the famous Guanyin of China, such as Shanhaiguan Road, Ningwuguan Road, Zhengyangguan Road, etc., each roadside scenery is different. The woods are dense and there are many large lawns.
The seaside reef is lined up, and the other side is the second bathing beach. It is a famous leisure area in the old city of Qingdao. At Badaguan, there are several well-known old buildings that have become tourist attractions. Tickets can be purchased, such as Huashilou and Princess Tower.
Ba Daguan is one of the most concentrated areas of wedding photography in Qingdao. Almost all of the year, you can see newcomers dressed in wedding gowns. More than 200 old buildings contain more than 20 national styles, which is very rare.
Posted: 16 Aug 2019
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