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Top Things to do In Qingyuan 2021



1,589 things to do found in Qingyuan
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China Qingyuan Langqiao Museum

China Qingyuan Langqiao Museum

4.6/510 Reviews
"Qingyuan County is located at the junction of Zhejiang and Fujian, with beautiful mountains and clear waters, and a pleasant climate. It is the county with the largest number of existing ancient covered bridges and the most concentrated in my country. It is known as the ancient covered bridge natural museum and the hometown of covered bridges. The country’s longest-lived such as Dragon Bridge, the Longest Yellow River Bridge with the longest single-hole gallery, the Lanxi Bridge with the largest single-hole span, the Shuangmen Bridge, Futian Bridge and the longest wooden arched bridge in the country with the earliest recorded time Mengzhou Bridges are all in Qingyuan County. Qingyuan Covered Bridge Museum, officially opened on December 2, 2011. Take the covered bridge as the theme, interpret the culture of the covered bridge from the aspects of history, technology, nature, humanities, protection, etc., integrate collection, display, education and research, and have a very important point in the integration, innovation and improvement of the traditional culture of the covered bridge Significance. After completion, the Gallery Bridge Museum will better create the golden name card of the hometown of China's covered bridges, become a new landscape highlight of the city, an important place for preserving the traditional skills and cultural memory of the wooden arched bridge, and become an external publicity and a comprehensive image display. One of the important windows."
Songcheng Longquan Mountain Tourist AreaNearby City

Songcheng Longquan Mountain Tourist Area

4.4/5248 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 14 reviews
"National Park"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"Four scenic spots are currently open to Longquan Mountain Scenic Area: Oujiang Source, Huangmaojian, Grand Canyon, and Precipice Pines. I stayed at Orion Villa for one night. The tour was completed in two days: on the first morning, I went up the mountain, swam the Grand Canyon, had lunch at the Orion Villa, took a nap for one and a half hours, and swam the cliffs in the afternoon. Each of these two attractions requires at least 1.5 hours, going up the mountain and down the valley, and the difficulty factor is four stars. Overnight at Orion Villa, watching the starry sky, set off on time at 3:30 in the morning to Huangmaojian to watch the sunrise, and at 5:30 we ushered in a round of red sun. It was exciting and I suddenly remembered the song "The sun is the most red and Chairman Mao is the closest "What a apt metaphor, sing the people's love for the leader. I decided that I would participate in all the sunrise programs in the future. The moment the sun jumps out of the horizon is really charming. Get up early, worth it! After watching the sunrise, head straight to the source of the Oujiang River along the ridge, slowly descending the mountain, relatively gentle, with a degree of difficulty of two stars. Climbing the yellow thatch tip, the difficulty factor is five stars, and you can rest on the pavilion and stone bench on the way. It takes 40 minutes to descend the mountain and pass the Xiaotianchi to the source of the Oujiang River. It is basically flat, with a degree of difficulty of one star. Return to Orion Villa for breakfast at 8:30. It takes five hours to rest and take pictures during the trip. It takes about 1.5 hours to wait for the sunrise. After breakfast, I spent another two hours in the villa. Checked out and went down the mountain at noon, which perfectly ended the trip to Longquan Mountain. During the period, Orion Villa gave a dinner, enough for the two. A gift box of special products was presented when checking out, which feels great value, come again next time." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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