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Top Things to do In Qingyuan 2021



114 things to do found in Qingyuan
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China Qingyuan Langqiao Museum

China Qingyuan Langqiao Museum

4.6/510 Reviews
"Qingyuan County is located at the junction of Zhejiang and Fujian, with beautiful mountains and clear waters, and a pleasant climate. It is the county with the largest number of existing ancient covered bridges and the most concentrated in my country. It is known as the ancient covered bridge natural museum and the hometown of covered bridges. The country’s longest-lived such as Dragon Bridge, the Longest Yellow River Bridge with the longest single-hole gallery, the Lanxi Bridge with the largest single-hole span, the Shuangmen Bridge, Futian Bridge and the longest wooden arched bridge in the country with the earliest recorded time Mengzhou Bridges are all in Qingyuan County. Qingyuan Covered Bridge Museum, officially opened on December 2, 2011. Take the covered bridge as the theme, interpret the culture of the covered bridge from the aspects of history, technology, nature, humanities, protection, etc., integrate collection, display, education and research, and have a very important point in the integration, innovation and improvement of the traditional culture of the covered bridge Significance. After completion, the Gallery Bridge Museum will better create the golden name card of the hometown of China's covered bridges, become a new landscape highlight of the city, an important place for preserving the traditional skills and cultural memory of the wooden arched bridge, and become an external publicity and a comprehensive image display. One of the important windows."
Shangrao Concentration CampNearby City

Shangrao Concentration Camp

4.5/5112 Reviews
"Memorial Hall"
Open on Tue-Sun,9:00am-5:00pm;Closed from 01/01-12/31,Mon (Local time)
""Immortality in fire" is a fascist hell built in the place of Zhoutian, kayake ridge, Lee mura, shichimineiwa, Jiangxi Province in the same year 3 after the Shonan incident shocked from the beginning of 1941 1 months. Hope, hope, early in the morning to the starting point of the bus, ready to go, after a few hours of long trek, finally to the destination -- the cemetery of revolutionary martyrs in Shangrao concentration camp, Jiangxi Province. After the founding of New China, in order to remember the revolutionary martyrs who died in the concentration camp, inherit the will of the martyrs and inspire the descendants of the martyrs, the Party and the government established the cemetery of the revolutionary martyrs in Shangrao concentration camp on the site of the concentration camp, and now it has become the national patriotic education base. The present Shangrao Martyr Cemetery is located in the southern suburb of Xinzhou District, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province and Shangrao County, with the memorial monument of revolutionary martyrs as the center, the cemetery of martyrs is to the east, the memorial pavilion of Li Zifang Martyrs and the statue of Shiqi Martyrs are to the south, and the secret killing of martyrs is to the north. The southwest side is the former site of the Maojialing prison and the interrogation room where various torture tools are placed. "The Memorial of Revolutionary Martyrs is the most important building in the center of the scenic spot. In January 1941, 80 years ago, the Kuomintang launched a "Southern Hunan Incident" that shocked both China and foreign countries. Except for a few of the heavy siege, most of the heroic sacrifices, some of the prisoners. At that time, the new four army army, Chang Ye Ting, negotiated with the other side, was detained by the Kuomintang, and Guo Guoping, Xiang Ying and Zhou Zikun were brutally killed. In the same year 3, the Kuomintang established a huge "human hell" camp in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, including the new four army commander, Ting Chang Ye, who was detained in negotiations, the commander who broke through the captured new four army platoon, and the Communist Party who was arrested. More than 700 patriots and others were detained here. In the camp, patriots were subjected to mental and physical abuse, and the torture equipment retained on the scene still tells us about the cruelty of the time. More than 200 revolutionary martyrs were killed and tortured to death in this concentration camp. Finally, through the leadership of the secret party organization in prison, patriots successfully held the famous Maojialing riot and the Red Stone riot. The loyal souls are Zhaoqian, the famous legend of the Everlasting! The world-famous camp of Shangrao, Jiangxi, is the "Southern incident" after the historical products and the world hell, remember General Ye Ting, remember the revolutionary martyrs!" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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