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Baojing Palace
[The ultimate challenge Guangdong's first full lake view mountain bungee jumping] bungee jumping is one of my life list, and finally chose the first step on the Lion Rock! A certificate can be obtained after the challenge is successful! For me who dared to stand and ride a roller coaster, the fear of bungee jumping is not from the sense of weightlessness, but standing in front of the platform, the infinite abyss under the eyes, the body is about to be released here. Features: Flying dragons under the pole is 1680 acres of Swan Lake, 68 meters high, the platform extends over the lake with a span of 99 meters, 720 degrees without a dead angle to enjoy the lake and mountains. Prepare before jumping: 1, girls don't wear skirts, unless you want to be eye-catching, try to wear rigorous, or it is very embarrassing when hanging upside down, the laces must be fastened. 2, necklaces are easy to throw items to the staff to keep, there is a storage box next to the platform. 3, the gopro HD video and shooting will be bundled into your hand and will be passed back to you after the challenge. The uncomfortable thing is that no matter how beautiful you are, jumping off will be unrecognizable! When I looked back, I once wondered if I was a human being! 4. If you want to be beautiful, you can wear sunglasses (the coach always carries), but you need to have professional equipment such as anti-fixing rope, but do not guarantee 100%. Challenge step: 1, first measure blood pressure, consult weight, myopia, fill in registration form, insurance beneficiary. 2, professional people equipped with safety equipment, there are two ways to jump, respectively, tied waist and tied feet, free to choose. 3, after jumping down, the sense of weight loss appeared 3 times. The first time was the moment when the weight began to fall. When the gravity acceleration reached the maximum, I felt that I was flying. After rebounding 2 times, I also felt weightless. 4, after the rebound stops, the person is in the upside down state, the staff will put down the professional tools, and buckle the hooks on the chest button, they will pull you up. 5, from jumping to being pulled up, the whole process is less than 5 minutes, and finally go to the front desk to get the certificate. Price Room price 298/person, coach does not add address Qingyuan Yingdebao Jinggong International Tourism Resort Feilong Bungy
Aerial Photos
Millennium Yaozhai
Hello, I am waiting for you in the Millennium Yaozhai. Millennium Yaozhai (Nangang Pai) sits west to the east, 27 kilometers south of Liannan County. The area is 159 acres. Nangang Pai was built in the Song Dynasty and has a history of more than a thousand years. According to the test, in the most prosperous Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were more than 700 houses, more than 1,000 households with more than 7,000 people. After liberation, Nangang In the heyday of the row, there were more than 600 households with a population of more than 2,600. Later, with the support of the government, the villagers gradually moved to areas with flat terrain and convenient transportation. Yao people generally live in the mountains, "Lingnan has no mountains and no Yao", this is to avoid the long-standing feudal rulers' national persecution and national contempt, and the Yao people generally live in the middle of the mountain, easy Difficult to attack. In the history of the Nangang Millennium Yaozhai, it has been several times to rely on the mountain to successfully resist the attack of officers and soldiers and other hostile forces. Nangang Pai, as the largest Yaozhai in the eighth row of Liannan, shows the ancient Yao culture of the Liannan Yao nationality and even the Chinese Yao nationality. Nangang has a classical residential community, a primitive bamboo water supply system, a collective discussion site, a Yao old system, an ancient Panwang temple, a play slope mountain, a dragon culture, and a Taiping Heavenly Kingdom ruins... / The hh/gang levee is in danger. It has three gates and a relatively good wall. The main purpose is to defend the external forces, especially the suppression and attack of the ancient government. The style of houses in the village is unified, the layout is neat, the streets are neat, the water supply facilities are perfect, and the traces of the historical era are left everywhere. It is a relatively complete historical remains of the ancient villages. Relying on the wisdom and courage of challenging nature, Nangang people have made great efforts to build a self-sufficient primitive life scene in the mountains.
Sam Hu
Have you tried drifting in the Rift Valley? Shenfengguan Driving in the Heart Rift Valley challenges the longest and the biggest gap in the world. Entering the cave from the hot summer sun, walking through the underground river of nearly 3 kilometers, and having a close contact with the seabed fossils of the Carboniferous period 200 million years ago, under the modern acoustic and optoelectronic environment, People who travel through time and through the vast universe of dreams, this novelty and stimulation completely subvert the traditional open-air valley drifting, is unique in China and the world, and is challenging the Guinness World Record. The drop of the underground river channel is followed by a wave, and there are many sections of spiral rivers with a spiral drop and a 180-degree rotation. The thrills are exciting and the waves are shot. The stalactites in the cave show a variety of rare forms, such as the splendid murals like the Dunhuang murals, the coveted world's largest "lobster king", sea coral shells, etc., under the beautiful lighting, lifelike . Drifting in the center of the valley, with a total length of 4,880 meters and a vertical drop of more than 100 meters, it traversed in five caves and several villages, including 2,800 meters of rafting in the underground river cave. The cave is constant in the four seasons and remains in the cave for many years. 18 to 19 degrees Celsius. [Self-driving guide] Guangzhou-North Second Ring Expressway (Qingyuan)-Guangqing Expressway (Qingyuan)-Qinglian Expressway-Yangshan Exit (Yangshan Expressway Exit Toll Station) - Follow the signs for about 8 Kilometers to Shenfengguan.
Sam Hu
Niuyuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area
In the summer, the sun is like a fire! A little bit of it will sweat! What is the most suitable outdoor sport this season? Drifting can definitely enter the top three! In the past few years, the canyoning has been tired of me, and now I want to experience exciting new things. There are many places on the glass path! The glass bridge is not unusual! Then try the glass drifting! This double dragon glass drifting hidden in the original ecological scenic spot of Niu Yuzui was unexpectedly world-class, and it takes only one hour to drive from Guangzhou. You must plant grass for everyone! World Record The longest suspended glass drifting slide in the world In 2018, the Ssangyong Glass Aerial Drift Slide set the world record for the World Record Association's the longest suspended glass drifting slide in the world. Shuanglong Glass rafting utilizes the unique topographic features of Tai Mo Shan to fully utilize the water potential of the Niu Shuang Shuang Waterfall to construct two fully transparent suspended floating water channels, each of which is 1600 m and 1800 m long respectively. The highest point reaches 100 meters. Double surprises speed and passion There is always a fascinating waterway that is more 1600 meters long. The wind in addition to the wind in the ear is the splash of water everywhere; A 360 revolving channel is about 1800 meters long, and the nine-curve maneuver + 360-degree turn + 360-degree loopback is extremely impactful. Unique drifting in the natural oxygen bar The Shuanglong Glass Aerial Drifting Slide is located at the halfway of the Niuyuzui National Forest Park. It has the largest jungle in Qingyuan City. It is definitely a natural oxygen bar filled with negative ions! While enjoying the speed of speeding in the valley of the original forest park, while breathing the fresh mountain atmosphere, it is absolutely refreshing! Using the ultimate theoretically unlimited "continuing drift" drifting Ssangyong glass airborne gliding slides the most "powdering" is just a ticket purchase, one day business hours can be unlimited "continuation drift", Its a good deal to think about it! From the end of the drift to the starting point, it takes about 5 minutes to walk. As long as you can move, then a day is theoretically feasible! / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / The year has continued to flow, so it is known as the Fountain of God. High-quality drifting water also makes the entire glass slide more transparent and dreamy! Icy and stimulating drifting both relieves summer and decompresses. At the moment, the most worthwhile punching net red glass drifting - the squid floating in the squid mouth is too exciting, and you can't stop it when you play! TIPS 1The goods storage service is available in the dressing room near the finish point. The locker costs 20/50 yuan, so you don't have to worry about the items being splashed! 2When the first rafting ticket is checked, the staff will wear a bracelet for each visitor. As a credential for continuation of drifting, dont tear it off! 3If you are still worried about the wetness of the spring water that the body or the shoes and socks will splash, there are raincoats and rain pants for sale at the starting point.
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