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Aoyuan Yingde Chocolate Kingdom

Aoyuan Yingde Chocolate Kingdom

4.2/5414 Reviews
"Water Park"
"Theme Park"
"Hot Springs Resort"
Open from 10:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Aoyuan Yingde Chocolate Kingdom is one of the largest parts of Aoyuan (Yingde) heart-flowing town, which is a full-scale resort with unique chocolate IP, English black tea culture, pool, hotel and karst landscape. The first construction of the chocolate park, tea and chocolate town, the English garden spring water world, the English garden Hilton Resort and other theme areas of the English garden English chocolate kingdom is the most attractive chocolate culture, is Asia's largest chocolate culture display base. The project is around chocolate as the theme, extracts "sugar, milk, cocoa" and other elements, to the various business in the park planning and construction, has created a number of "Net Red" recreation projects and buildings, to provide visitors with play, smell, taste, can learn a new play experience. Among them, the whole design style of chocolate park around the chocolate making raw materials, divided into five regions: cocoa tribe, chocolate factory, sugar cloud country, milk stream country, cocoa cave country, each region chocolate characteristics is remarkable. If there is a professional chocolate production line, visitors can see the chocolate production process and participate in it, in the country built by the 20-story high-rise "chocolate, cream, sweet canister" built castle, is one of the most colored castles in the theme resorts in China."


4.6/513 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Open from 9:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"From Foshan Guicheng, drive and navigate about two hours to the door of Yingdewang Town # Yingshiyuan [location] # Yingshiyuan. The door is very distinctive and conspicuous on the side of the road, very easy to find! (But I didn't take 🤭) After arriving, you can drive the car inside. The stone hotel is in it, a very quiet place. Now in a special period, I haven't been out for a long time, and I can't go to a place with many people, so I saw this place with a small family to relax. 1⃣️ When I went, the weather was very good. I looked up and saw blue sky and white clouds. I was everywhere in the strange shape of stones and flowers. I was surprised by the stone table and chopsticks in the hotel lobby. I can breathe fresh air with confidence. I walked around the garden a long way, took some photos, and felt that nature is beautiful ~2⃣️The hotel is divided into two types: Junior Suite and Villa Room. We stayed for one night separately, the bed in the suite was very comfortable, the view from the window was very comfortable, and the night sleep was very quiet, so that I could sleep quickly when it was difficult to sleep. The second night of the stone small building, is a single villa, the room has an open-air private hot spring pool ♨️, the hot water card put on the machine immediately out of the water, the cool air at night soaked in hot hot spring water, very convenient and private density is very high, this makes me feel very clean and sanitary, very rest assured! However, the pool is a bit small, the children like to bubble, and they are very happy. 3⃣️ If you eat, the hotel has breakfast on the 4th floor! Breakfast has scrambled flour, eggs, oysters, sweet potato, etc., taste good, the kitchen is glass partition, can see inside, let me feel very clean, eat very full! Lunch and dinner are not provided at the hotel. We drove to the surrounding farm to eat Qingyuan 🐔, black tofu. It tastes good and the price is affordable. 4⃣️ After breakfast, go downstairs is a big fish pond, there are many fish 🐟, my brother is very interested in feeding the fish, go to the front desk to buy a pack of fish feed, when sprinkled, the fish come to grab it, the children and adults are very happy. But there is no fence, ⚠️ pay attention to the children don't fall down oh. 5⃣️You are leisurely walking here, found a tea garden behind the hotel, took a photo, drew a picture ~Later I knew that this tea is the brand of the stone garden, here you can pick tea and make it yourself, but we only know before leaving, there is not enough time. There is a place to enjoy tea. After we had a drink, we bought two packets of Yinghong No. 9 and took it away. 🤩Summary: The size of the stone garden is large, the surrounding environment is clean, I especially like the air here, suitable for a family to come out for leisure and holiday and taste tea, I feel that the garden is still under construction, I look forward to a new look next time, if you are around, there are also similar hotels, But my parents don't like the red spots, prefer to be close to nature, so I want to try the stone hotel. It is not exaggerated advertising. It is not known to many people, but let me feel very real, rest assured! Recommend you to let go of the busy life in the big city to try!"