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Things To Do in Qinhuangdao

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M25***92The beasts in the beast area are not fierce enough, the lion tiger is taking a nap, the crocodile is not moving, the monkey is very smart and can reach for food, the elephant has been turning around and almost dizzy, the white peacock will not open the screen, (colored) self-driving tourists can feed the bear, the wolf is out of the blue, Once in the wolves area, I have never seen the tail before, if the pursuit of excitement, I feel that the beasts in the beast area are not very fierce. I thought it would be true to yell (and I was too lazy to bird) so it was really good to take the kids, there were no animals to scare the kids. There was still a lot of space before the end of the train viewing, no animals. Everyone goes to the zoo in the morning, (about three hours is enough to go through) Self-driving is especially recommended, because self-driving can feed some animals. The small train is free, but can't feed the animals. Locomotive seat. Fee an extra 20 yuan, the view is wider than the free train seat. It is more recommended to take children out to watch, the end of the train can also walk to the chicken garden, ostrich garden, orangery garden, peacock garden, Swan Lake, to watch. Must go to the shallow sea stall opposite to look at, (free), feeding pigeons to see the pigeons to focus on photo opportunities. Or go straight to the sea to catch fish (especially shallow and straight). When the sun is thickest in half an hour, start to Nandaihe to experience bungee jumping. (Best to contact the scenic spot to ask if there is any rafting on the day) The feeling of life and death, the children can experience the bumper car is more interesting. After bungee jumping, experience the pleasure of the yacht. It is as if life is ups and downs. A good tour is to understand the meaning of life.
8,310 Reviews
City Park
E29***21the place very awesome i would recommend to all visitors to stay here and enjoy your holidays while staying in this place downtown on walking distance and very easily accasible to all places food good too
2,162 Reviews
City Park
_We***99This is a wonderful place. We spent a whole day here. It is a night life park so dont go to early around 17:00 should be fine the amount of people and stuff there is to see is amazing. Greatly recommend this place.
5,705 Reviews
Historical Site
_We***88It was very special to see the Great Wall on the coast. It has a very magical feeling. There is also a beach part next to the Wall you can access. There are shops and there are snacks available. The views are Amazing and there is plenty to see and explore !
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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
yooyouthThe Great Wall enters the sea at the old dragon head, the beginning of the Great Wall, like a dragon into the sea, caressing the wall, feel the Chinese nation for many years of indomitable struggle spirit. The world's first Guan Xiong Guan majesty, protect the ancient city behind and the Guan Nei Limin, the wall, Guanshan, ancient city, history here again.
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M33***45The experience is too good, I hope this place will change its name, call the Xin'ao souvenirs store, and reduce the exhibition area to occupy half of the area is too wasteful! We want to highlight the specialty of the souvenirs! In addition, the "undersea tunnel" is too low, to change to the fish pond tunnel, listen to how safe! The fear of the deep sea is no longer a concern!

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The First Pass Under HeavenQinhuangdao,China

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Xin'ao Marine WorldQinhuangdao,China

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Jieshi MountainQinhuangdao,China

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Glass MuseumQinhuangdao,China

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Yansaishan Ski FieldQinhuangdao,China

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Qinhuangdao Travel Tips

About Qinhuangdao

Qinhuangdao's name comes from one of the famous figures of Chinese history, Emperor Qin Shi Huang. In 215 BC, Qin Shi Huang came here on military maneuvers. Shanhaiguan—the eastern terminus of China's Ming Dynasty Great Wall—is located in Qinhuangdao. This majestic mountain pass stands at land’s end and is where the Great Wall meets the ocean at Bohai Sea. This astounding site is full of historical significance and not to be missed. Qinhuangdao's Beidahe District is one of northern China's famous and favorite retreats for escaping the summer heat. In the past, it served as the location Chinese national leaders moved their offices in the summertime. Nowadays, this coastal town offers many swimming beaches that are accessible to everyone.

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