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Beidaihe adds a literary bookstore! After the opening of the cat's Sky City concept bookstore, Beidaihe has been sitting on two super-beautiful bookstores, and the other is not far from Anaya, the "lonely library." It is only a few kilometers away from Beidaihe City, less than 20 kilometers away from Anaya, in the middle position, and it takes less than half an hour to drive. The area where the bookstore is located is a new area under development. There are almost no cars on the road, so you can drive fast. The feeling of the Ocean Coastal Blue Coast Community is equally fresh and literary, similar to the style of Anaya. The facades of the small shops on the street are all exquisite, so people want to go in for the local native business. It is also a kind of aesthetic education. The sky city of the cat has long been a super-complex space in many cities in China, and it has become a punching place for young people. Beginning on July 4, 2009, on the Pingjiang Road in Suzhou, an ancient city in the south of the Yangtze River, a small bookstore called The City of the Sky of Cats was opened. At that time, the small bookstore was small in size, only four tables, only sold 500 books, but that small space, and enthusiasm for life, gave everyone a lot of infection and warmth. So a bookstore, warming up a city, "cat empty" has come to us. "Cat Air" only sells its own products. One of the major features is similar to the "Panda Slow Delivery" that began more than a decade ago. Send postcards to your designated day and send them to yourself. To the future. Cat Space is more than just a bookstore, or a bookstore. It is a coffee shop selling books. It is a "post office" that can be strolled. It is a feeling of love, killing time and finding a photo resort. cats have two floors. The first floor sells books and groceries. At the same time, you can order coffee and desserts, and there are not many seats. There are relatively few people on the second floor. The spacious independent reading space allows people to enjoy the quiet text world, as well as the small house that children like very much. It is also the reading room, and the separate "dimension". At the same time, there is a large table to take a rest, and the high-chair view at the window is the best. It is very popular. This is a sea view. The second floor is connected to the aisle of the coffee shop next to the sales office. It is full of words from the famous books. People walk here to slow down, read and understand the truth, and Reflections and tremors that bring people. Tips, the cat is not allowed to take pictures with devices other than mobile phones. Cat's Sky City Opening Hours: 10:00-20:30 Address: Building 4, Cte d'Azur Town Centre, Huamao Road, Nandaihe
Knight Rider
Old warehouse - time is like water, initial heart is unchanged as a person who likes nostalgia, Anaya's old warehouse I can not miss. Every time I come to Anaya, I will go to the old warehouse, find an afternoon, and stay quiet for a few hours. The old warehouse is rooted in Anaya, and it is a comprehensive space for retro life aesthetics in restored memories. In the old warehouse, the old things of daily life in the past 100 years are displayed. These forgotten old objects have become the core of the aesthetic return of retro life. Before Anaya, starting from Xiamen, to Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Beijing and other places, the old warehouse can be said to have been "over the country". However, in my case, I prefer to enjoy these old things full of life in Anah, which is originally full of tranquility, compared to the opportunity to open people in the downtown area. In the old warehouse, there are real old hand-collected items collected from various places, as well as retro-made old objects. The retro scene and the retro atmosphere make me feel like I have a lot of fun. A dream time machine has passed back to childhood. The surrounding tourists came here, as if they had been pressed the mute button, people do not bother, appreciate the old objects in their hands. I believe that at the moment everyone has a story in their hearts. The old jars on the shelves, the wine is full of scent, just drunk when you smell it; the little man's book with a whole wall makes me seem to see the childhood when I stare at the book stall and don't want to go home. I am familiar with the yellow desk and blackboard, sitting in the chair, and I seem to see the scene of the junior high school boys laughing and playing around; the old-fashioned clocks, the pointers are still walking stubbornly, I dont know how many times I have lost... ... No matter how old I am, as long as my initial heart does not change, I will always be the little girl who grows up.
This is my first time to come to the Anaya community (), I saw the legendary literary atmosphere here [Room] I live with my girlfriend in the Beidaihe Club Med Gold Coast Resort, staying at each They are all rooms with sea view rooms, each with a balcony. The bedding is very comfortable, the holiday color is lively and younger The room also gives a scarf with a very good feel, super like, and a mug. [One price all inclusive] Club Med is the one-price all-inclusive, that is, wearing a bracelet can participate in all hotel activities, eat and drink anytime, anywhere, even the room card is not used, brush the door into the door Every day, go to Yijing International Restaurant to have a buffet, and go to the kitchen of Asia to choose snacks, bars, KTV, hot springs, gym, children's playground, yoga, cycling, table tennis, hand guards, spa... Something to do night and sisters are very comfortable in the hot springs two people a big private room to sing K at the bar to see the staff self-directed self-directed string burning party is too exciting, everyone All are versatile hungry anytime to go to the restaurant plus meals one price all inclusive also contains lonely library and church tickets, only a few minutes away from the lonely library church winter seaside people Less, you can take an empty mirror. This is also the first time I saw the frozen ice of the sea Beidaihe Anaya spring, summer, autumn and winter have different scenery
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