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Tianya Redai Haiyang ZooNearby City

Tianya Redai Haiyang Zoo

3.8/59 Reviews
Open from 8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"We didn't find a zoo in Sanya but we found a wonderful color zoo in Songcheng tourist area. Out of the Snow World Park, we walked 50 meters straight to the Color Zoo in Songcheng, Sanya, the zoo is not big, but there are a lot of animals, and you can see many such as giraffe, alpaca, raccoon, Adabela elephant turtle, kangaroo, squirrel monkey, flamingo, The tropical animals such as the red-mouthed giant-mouthed birds and red-green macaw are very special. The zoo is full of colors, and every detail is a clever embodiment. The zoo is very well-planned and compact, and the plan of the tropical plants such as plantains and small leaves are used to form a parapet garden and a tropical plant experience corridor, and on the one hand, the living conditions of the small animals are created, and the walk is carried out to find the surroundings. The animals are all frivolous and lively on their heads, there are protection bars everywhere, you can play with ease, feel the tropical flora and you can "intimate contact" with the animals, see those MOE your heart is interacting with you, find it is a serious thing to walk in the zoo, yes, We are all children back in childhood now. The animals here are really happy and not aggressive. Very suitable for parent-child tours, you can buy carrots to feed small animals, the scenic area has a performance like a monkey every day, this must not be missed, very happy, must be a good time to wait. Tickets of 120 yuan can be bought separately. It is recommended to book at least a set ticket with other 1-2 parks in the Songcheng tourist area, because the entire tourist area is one, for example, when playing jungle rafting in the Sungcheng Wailang Water Park, you can close contact with the colored zoo MOEs along the way. It was a great experience."