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Haikou MangroveNearby City

Haikou Mangrove

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"Before going to the mangroves, the leaves of the trees, or maples, or... Before finding out that the distance between imagination and reality was too far and too far, I was ignorant. The mangroves are green and not red. The mangroves are called mangroves because they contain tannin in the bark. The tannin oxidizes when it encounters air. The trees become red after oxidation. By the way, mangroves are rare woody native plants. They grow in shoals along the land-ocean border, and are special ecosystems that overflow from land to sea. Mangrove communities are the most wonderful and special biome on the planet. The mangrove community lives mainly on the deep silt beaches of the tropical and subtropical tropics centered on the equator, and forms spectacular sea forests in the intertidal zone at the land-sea junction, which are washed by the sea during the rising and falling tides. The most distinctive form of fetal reproduction is mangroves. Most plant seeds only take root and sprout in the soil after they are removed from the mother, whereas mangroves do not. It did not take root on the mudflat, but began to sprout on the mother, growing into a bar-like seedling hanging from the tree, until it matured, falling from the tree, inserted into the soil, a few hours later, the top shoots out, the bottom root, a mangrove seedling began to grow. If the mangrove seeds fall when the tide is high, the seeds fall on the water, and the water floats. The mangrove seed can be soaked in the sea for 4 months without losing its viability, so that it can travel far beyond the ocean and grow in other countries by the strong vitality and the flow of sea water. Hainan Dongzhai Port National Nature Reserve, located in the northeast of Hainan Province, Haikou City, Meilan District Yanfeng Town, 30 kilometers by car. This is the largest area of our country along the beach-painted forest, the length of the coastline 28 kilometers, China's most beautiful Hainan one of the eight coastline. Unlike other wetland parks, the other is grass, here is the tree, and it is still growing in the water. The water is narrow elsewhere, and the water is very wide. Sitting on a boat, listening to the beautiful commentary that is played for the tourists, and kneeling on the water covered by the green mangroves, beautiful life is just that!"