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Things To Do in Qionglai

Tiantai Mountain
1,006 Reviews
Tom84114This Tiantai Mountain is not the other Tiantai Mountain, and Li Bai will not come to this Kaka Cape, so the sleepwalking Tianma can only dream. Qionglai Tiantai is well-known in Sichuan. The waterfalls and fireflies in summer are fascinating. A few years ago, I wrote such a small pian prose on the Xiangshui Waterfall in Tiantai Mountain: [笑笑][笑笑]The sound of water, Jin Longfei Waterfall also. The bamboo and cypress reflect each other, the strange rocks are rugged, the water hits the water in the middle, and the sky comes from the sky, like a white horse, the rainbow pierces the sun, and the comet hits the moon. At the head of the waterfall, thousands of horses are galloping, the sea is overturned, and the dragon is in the sky. The broken jade is floating in the waterfall, clear in one breath, swaying with the wind. The tail of the waterfall splashed with pearls and jade, and went straight into Longtan without a trace. Standing under the waterfall, there are layers of mist and cool breeze, which makes people unable to stand. Looking down at Bitan, the heat is gone; sighing upwards at the waterfall, expressing bluntly. There were layers of mist in front of me, thunder thundering in my ears. In ancient times, there were people who listened to the waves and listened to the pine, who ever listened to Lei Rusi. 1. Location and transportation: On the Qionglai Mountains, it is directly accessible by high speed. The surrounding area is Pingle Ancient Town, one of the four ancient towns in the middle of Sichuan. It’s high. After it’s built in recent years, you can’t drive directly up the mountain. You have to take its small bus and pay more; 4. Scenery: There are many waterfalls, of course not as good as those in Guizhou. There are many around Chengdu, and the vegetation is lush. Drink in summer Tea is more suitable to escape the heat; there are many fireflies, according to them, it is the largest firefly viewing spot in Asia, and I have not experienced it at night; there are many temples, a good place to burn incense and worship Buddha; overall, the price is average, but it is a place to go sooner or later around Chengdu . Four-star recommendation. [Happy][smiley][happy][smiley][happy][smiley]
Bamboo Canyon Scenic Area (Jinji Valley)
579 Reviews
弄玉非秦To the bamboo sea near the town of Pingle, has felt the idyllic song of the pleasure, deep inhale, the air is sweet! Sweet! Although very love Chengdu, but from Chengdu to here, I can feel my lungs very happy. Sure enough, there is a big electronic display screen hanging at the entrance of the scenic spot, negative oxygen ion concentration explosion table. The scenic area is not big, the whole journey up the mountain, the attractions are wonderful and interesting, shouting springs, after making a wish, the original drip water will become a waterfall, men and women, old and young are not happy. Walking through the highest length of the cable bridge, you can look out over the whole bamboo sea valley. You can play a thrill when you go down the mountain, do the pulley down the mountain, unfortunately just in time for the maintenance and didn't sit on it. This attraction experience is comfortable and cozy. The various vending machines and places that provide rest are just right when we are tired, and I feel very careful. Everyone should be careful about the forest fire, not smoke in the scenic spot.
Nanbao Mountain
406 Reviews
M26***60We saw Nanbaoshan's publicity in the circle of friends. After all, the scenic spot is in Qionglai, and it is still so far away from our Nanchong. As a result, we had a family meeting on Friday and decided to come to Nanbaoshan for a round... Raiders, I booked a hotel in the scenic spot on Ctrip, more than 200, the price is not bad, after all, the hotel in the scenic spot, the key hotel owner is very enthusiastic, and he even added dishes to us! The scenery of Nanbao Mountain decided not to say, one word: great! Adults and children have fun. Although some small items need to be paid separately, they are basically very cheap. You can get it at 20 or 30 yuan. If you go out to travel, you can only spend money. You can only be happy. Overall a worthwhile trip, the second time is indeed a bit far away, but there is a real chance to come again, I must come again for another night!
Daliang Winery Countryside Paradise
321 Reviews
M12***69The price/performance ratio is still very good! 119 yuan, 2 big and 1 small, just play, there are still a lot of entertainment facilities inside, the scenery is also good, and they are relatively safe, is a kindergarten children of lower grades. The only drawback is that there are too many mosquitoes, I can’t stand it. Don’t wear skirts, shorts come in, I was bitten badly!
Pingle Ancient Town
393 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
真诚7577As if you can feel time stay in two or three hundred years ago, such as the world, along the road greeting Ming and Qing Dynasty buildings, blue stone ancient road, thousand old trees, the town people leisurely in front of their home to string up the dragon gate array or sprinkled the floor, the city's hustle, the complex human relations, here is cleverly avoided.
Lugou Bamboo Sea
73 Reviews
M59***59It’s nice to come here in summer, the scenery is nice and cool, but the distance is too long, it’s still tiring to walk up and down the mountain, but it’s good to play in the water along the way. I hope I can stay a few more days next time I come.

Popular Hotels in Qionglai

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Tianfu Honggu · Gengdu Taoyuan Resort
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Tiantaishan Hotel
588 Reviews
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Shifang Qinglv Hotel
573 Reviews
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Shouzhuo Guesthouse
142 Reviews

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Qionglai Zhuxi Lake
Qionglai Zhuxi LakeChengdu,China

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Pingle Ancient Town
Pingle Ancient TownChengdu,China

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Tiantai Mountain
Tiantai MountainChengdu,China

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Nanbao Mountain
Nanbao MountainChengdu,China

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Red Army Long Long March Memorial Hall
Red Army Long Long March Memorial HallChengdu,China

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Zhuxihu Tourism Scenic Area
Zhuxihu Tourism Scenic AreaChengdu,China

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Qionglai Travel Tips

About Qionglai

Qionglai is located in the middle of Sichuan Province, to the southwest of the Chengdu Plain. It is the hometown of the female literati Zhuo Wenjun of the Western Han. The classical Chinese love story "Feng Qiu Huang" (about Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru) took place here. There are many cultural relics and historic sites in the area. There is the Shifang Tang Qiong Kiln (a National Key Cultural Relic Protection Unit) and also provincial cultural relic protection units such as the Wejun Well, the Wayao Guyi Relics, the Stone Pagoda Temple, the Shisun Mountain cliff carvings and the Huilan Pagoda. This place also has the Helin Temple—a Buddhist holy place in Western Sichuan—as well as Zhuxi Lake, the Wenjun Well, the Western Sichuan Green Pearl Provincial Level Scenic Tourism Area and the National Forest Park Tiantai Mountain.

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Qionglai Weather

May 10, 2021
19 ~ 27
May 11, 2021
19 / 28
May 12, 2021
19 / 28
May 13, 2021
Light rain
20 / 27
May 14, 2021
20 / 26
May 15, 2021
Light rain
18 / 24
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Qionglai
May 10, 2021 Qionglai Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:96%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:16/19:50
Qionglai Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Low

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