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6 Aug 2020
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8 Aug 2020
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Trip Moments

Ivana Zhang   
Malta - the blue legend of the Knights the world is amazing, cactus and coconut trees coexist, when the Gobi encounters the ocean, the volcano encounters the glacier, as if everything impossible has become possible. Perhaps life is the same, who will meet at the next intersection, who will meet under the streetlights of the rainy night, or who will fall in love at sunset? Everything that seems impossible is actually possible in one day~ Malta is an island country in the Mediterranean. It is not only beautiful but also rich in cultural heritage. It used to be a British colony, so it is retained. A lot of British trails. Among them, the most typical is the British red telephone booth and postbox. It is very close to Italy and has a Greek-style Mediterranean style, so blue has become synonymous here. The blue of the Mediterranean, the yellow of the old city brick, the green of the cactus and the red of the sea at sunset make up the unique colors here. Europeans like to come to this holiday, just simply sunbathe, swim, find a hotel for a few days, so good. # about traffic Malta: Many people will choose Malta as a destination for European countries. Ryanair has direct flights from London to Rome. Flights, booking tickets in advance is a very convenient and cost-effective way to get to Valletta. This is a direct flight from London to Valletta, the ticket is only more than 400 RMB one way. In addition, if the last stop on your itinerary is Sicily, it is also very convenient to fly from Catania in Sicily, less than an hour's flight. Malta: By car rental, you can book your car in advance from the domestic website, remember to be insured! ! ! Due to insurance, the banks companions incurred huge fines. Because there are too many birds on Gozo Island, we were fined a car wash fee of 150 Euros when we returned the car. The car dealer called it special cleaning; because the doors on both sides were scratched, it was necessary to bear the repair cost, and then involved The lost time and tax of the car; because the car did not have time to fill up the fuel, the car dealers let us buy at the so-called market price, in fact, the price of one-third of the box of oil is more than a thousand rmb. Calling the domestic customer service to reflect the situation, but know that we only buy the basic insurance, beyond the amount of claims can be compensated, meaning that these fines of 2000 euros is no way to cover. The painful lesson tells everyone that you must buy all risks! ! ! Fig. 9 The end of the sky is the sea, and the end of the sea is the mountain~ This photo was taken with a mobile phone when it was approaching Valletta. The scene at that time was very shocking. The first time I saw the sunset was in the shape of a strip, the layers were paved there, the blue-violet sky was red and the orange and the afterglow, the beauty of nature was always shocking. . Before the takeoff, sprained his hand. The British aunt next door saw me apply medicine on my hand and asked me, "Are you okay, is it nervous? First time on the plane? Let's go~ "I feel that I have received unprecedented care. Then the aunt took a drink and drank high." This is the crazy British, drinking and drinking from time to time. Before landing, I saw the coolest sunset I have ever seen, and I was so excited that I cried at the sunset. I shot people who were chatting with each other and said, "Look at the sunset, don't talk!" Scared the people next door. After that, these two uncles and aunts began to abuse the dog. After "remember this moment", they started a crazy kiss on the plane. And I silently photographed the mobile phone slag pixel can not produce the effect, and sure enough, the human eye is the most tolerant of the beauty.
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