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Egadi Islands

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"The beautiful legend of Sicily Speaking of Egadi Islands, many people may be unfamiliar. The only thing that is more impressive is that the Roman fleet once fought in the Egadi Islands. The naval battle also witnessed the rise of the Roman Empire. Hundreds of years have passed. The Egadi Islands are no longer turbulent, but a group of mountainous islands in the Mediterranean. The population is only four or five thousand, and it is mountainous. This island has very rich archaeological value and many caves. This time I went to the Agadi Islands by ferry. I did the ferry from Favignana to Trapani. The coastline of Krapanj is very beautiful, but the sea is not blue, and the color is darker. The mountains here one after another show completely different colors in winter and summer, sometimes like a desert-like scenery, which makes people think that they are in the wrong place. Within Kana. Sometimes the sea and the sunset merge into a painting, making people think that they are in Venice. While walking in the street, I found a very interesting ancient bookstore. The bookstore is very small, but the display is very careful. Many books are old antiques, and even have a history of hundreds of years, which contain various records. A picture book about the history of Italy and New Zealand. And the owner of this store is 98 years old, he likes his job very much, his face still glows with spirit. ◎Location: largo franchi 8 Trapani, Sicily, 91100 Italy ◎Opening: 9 am to 5 pm"