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Breakfast in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Wanaka Town is just stunning. It’s natural beauty is exceptional.The Mountains, lakes, and forest are picture perfect. I wouldn’t mind waking up everyday to this view. #tripaway #tripaway
Posted: 15 Sep 2020
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Walter Peak High Country Farm
360 There is no dead end in the beautiful Queenstown, playing more and more big shots! Some people say that the beauty of Queenstown is 360 degrees without a dead end. When you touch it, you feel it yourself. Driving in the morning on the road, there are high and low squats, Wakati on the left. Puhu is as clean as a mirror, slightly corrugated, surrounded by mountains, covered with green, bright yellow, khaki, gray and dark red vegetation. Some distant mountains are indigo, and the mountain can clearly see the snow. Covered, they are reflected in the lake water, and with different road conditions, the sky is different and presents an ever-changing landscape. Best travel time The natural beauty of Queenstown is perfectly combined with the lively town. The spring and autumn seasons are full of color and are most suitable for photography. In addition, the climate temperature of spring (September-November) and autumn (March-May) is the most suitable stage for outdoor activities. Because Queenstown is suitable for skiing and other winter sports, the peak period of travel is from late December to mid-January. If you visit during this period, it is best to book the room in advance. Attractions 1Walter Peak Plateau Farm Walter Peak Plateau Farm is located in the southwestern part of Lake Wakatipu in Otago, just like looking from afar It is a castle in a fairy tale, a red spire, and a white wall. It is the perfect choice to enjoy the natural grassland scenery and comfortable life. Let the people who come here can relax their mood to the maximum and enjoy the slow-paced farm life. 2Hung Hou Shan Walking Street Queen Mountain Hiking Trail is one of Queenstowns most famous hiking trails, which include virgin forests, rare animals, plants and unbeatable scenery. 3 Queenstown Cable Car 220 degrees wide-angle view, the spectacular view of Queenstown. With the soulful scenery of the Coronet Peak, you can see the magnificent mountains of the mountains and the magnificent landscape of Lake Wakatipu. The eyes can be extended to the Cecil and the Walter Peak.
Nevis Swing
Speaking of New Zealand's most exciting extreme sports, Neves' super-shot is definitely in the top three. The most exciting skydiving and bungee in people's impressions, at most double the gravitational acceleration to fall freely. However, Neves super-shot, with a specific launcher, accelerates to 100 km/h with three times the gravitational acceleration in 1.5 seconds, and crosses the Nevis Canyon at an altitude of 150 meters. These numbers are enough to make people excited. Nevis Canyon is a private territory, you must take their bus to enter, 45 minutes drive from Queenstown, the last section is still Panshan Road, thanks to the modified bus, strong horsepower. Twenty or thirty people, more than half of the challenges are bungee jumping, seven or eight people play the less exciting Nevis swing, only two people participate in the super catapult. I didnt respond to the foreigner in front of him, he just flew away, I was stunned. It was my turn to wear equipment to realize the fear. The staff asked me if I had any questions. I have a blank mind. What is the problem? I only meant that my hands and feet were cold and my body was shaking. People hang in the air, listening to the countdown of the staff, I took a deep breath, "three, two, ", "ah ... not yet shouted!" I am like an angry little The bird was bounced out, and the blood of the whole body instantly rushed to the head. The adrenaline rushed up, and it was about to hit the mountain. The rope tied up on the body worked. I was swayed back like a swing, and then rocked back like a pendulum. Finally return to zero. The staff pulled me back and asked how I felt? There are countless grass mud horses in my mind, and the surface is calm and auspicious, Amazing!
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