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Things To Do in Quzhou

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Geological Sites
亲亲宝贝1234Jianglang Mountain is a national 5A-level scenic spot located in the southwestern part of Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province, the north foot of Xianxia Mountain, the junction of Zhejiang, Yunnan and Hunan provinces. The scenic spot is characterized by Danxia Qifeng, which is composed of Sanchashi, Shibaqu, Tafeng, Xunnu Lake and Xianju Temple. Collection of natural scenery, Xiongguan ancient road, lakes, mountains, humanities, customs and customs in one body. Jianglang Mountain not only gather rock, cave, clouds, waterfall in a mountain, set strange, dangerous, steep, steep in three stone, majestic and unique, for spectacular. During the May Day period, the tourists are not a lot. The scenic tour experience is good. It takes more than 3 hours to climb the mountain, and it takes more than an hour to walk to a first-line sky. You can arrange the tour route according to your physical strength.
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Ancient Settlement
亲亲宝贝1234"Yaobadu" is a place called "Dreams in the Great Mountains" by National Geography, located at the border of the three provinces of Zhejiang and Fujian, a thousand-year-old town at the foot of the mountain, quite a bit of the edge of the city under Shen Congwen's writing, said because of its unique geographical location, ancient times easy to defend and difficult to attack, That's why it's so well preserved. It has a very different style and even a bit of mystery from those ancient towns in Jiangnan Water Town. There are many well preserved Ming and Qing Dynasties buildings in the town, which are provincial historical and cultural reserves and were listed as 5A-level scenic spots in 2017. Going to play during a long holiday, there are not many tourists, and the experience of difficult play is not bad!
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朕为你打下的天下I suggest you like quiet personality, no lights, no hustle, with a little peace, enjoy the style of the original forest, here to give you peace of mind, here to give you quiet, people are not as happy as alone, welcome to punch in
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M40***77The scenic spot is really good, any point and scene is like a postcard. The glass bridge and glass slide which are added after the tourists need are also very suitable for the scenery, very exciting, and can not be taken elsewhere in the scenery taken on the bridge. The most critical thing is to buy two joint tickets can also save dozens of dollars, although can buy separately, but buy a single is not cost-effective. The steps in the scenic area are also clean, you can see that the scenic area management is also very standard.
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National Park
D17***33Very fun attractions, there are beautiful landscape, there are the two-mountain Iron Cable Bridge, there are thrilling zip lines, there is the first glass path in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, especially praise is free tickets for weekdays, I hope that the national attractions can learn from here. Lunch is resolved at the Nongjiale Hotel at the door. It tastes good and the price is affordable. There is a Chinese bus to the entrance of the attraction at Luzhou Railway Station. It costs 10 yuan a person. It starts at the full time and the last bus for the return trip is 3 pm.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
吃草的牛001There were not many people during the May Day. The number of people in the scenic area is 60,000. I feel that the tourists do not know if there are 6,000 people every day! If you don't want to count people, it is a good relaxation. Unfortunately, there are fewer people. The commercial and leisure facilities in the scenic area seem to be nothing for tourists to consume.

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About Quzhou

Located in Western Zhejiang Province, Quzhou is a national historical and cultural city with many cultural attractions and historical sites. It has the Nanzong Confucius Temple, one of the only two Confucian temples in the country that belongs to the descendants of Confucius. Lanke Mountain is named as the special land of Taoist and "Root of the Game of Go." Xianxiaguan is known as the "The Lock of the Southeast" and has the Jianglang Three Peaks, which stand along the Xianxia Ancient Road.

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