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Lake Bled
Bled with my boy 😎 #merrychristmas
Marin Slibar
Lake Bled
Lake Bled l Slovenia's stunning European town, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world came to Slovenia, naturally to the most beautiful Lake Bled, I am from Italy all the way to the east Through Slovenia, 15 countries along the way, Lake Bled is definitely a very beautiful place among the 15 countries I went to. Scenic information: The area of Lake Bled is not large. If you just walk around the lake, you can finish it in an hour. Of course, it is natural to take beautiful photos, so There are 2 hills around the scenic spot to climb, and there is a Bled Castle to go, as well as boat and island. I can go around the lake from both sides of the lake. I didn't go to the island because I like to take pictures. My travels have always been shot outside the scene, and if I go inside the scene, I can't shoot anything. shooting angle: It is close to getting off the lake, about 3 minutes, but there is still a little distance to the island near the center of the lake. From the station to the lake, about 30 minutes. As it looks, I walked from the left side and reached the small island near the small island. The angle of the small island is very good. There is a diagonal tree which is also suitable for the foreground composition. This place is very suitable for shooting portraits. Then continue to climb the mountain, there are 2 hills, the first turn to the left of the hill is not recommended to go up, the angle is not very good, and I almost entered the wild road. Figure 1 is taken in another hill. This position is for everyone to punch. The angle is very good. You can shoot the whole lake. The opposite side is the snowy mountain. It is very beautiful. It is also suitable for portraits. You can stand on the rock. You can also sit on the chair in Figure 4. Transportation: I live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. From Ljubljana, there are many cars going to Lake Bled every day. The journey takes about 50 minutes and the round-trip ticket is less than 13 euros. The HKD is about 100 yuan. Take a ride in a house opposite the train station in Ljubljana, where you can buy a variety of tickets and you can buy a one-way ticket. There is a bus around 30-60 minutes, the traffic is particularly convenient, the most important thing is that the European bus has a toilet, I like this very much. Remind that Ljubljana must purchase a bus card when taking the bus. You can't buy a ticket with the above car. The bus card is 2 Euros, and you can recharge it at a time of 1.3 Euros. Accommodation: I don't like to stay in hotels in Europe. They are all B&B apartments booked through the accommodation website. Because European restaurants are very expensive, and I don't like European food, I am from With Laoganma, spicy sauce and other ingredients, you can cook your own apartment, complete the pots and pans, go to the nearby supermarket and buy some chicken and chicken to cook for yourself. It is delicious and very economical. Some apartments have oil and salt, some are not, but the environment is very good. Price: Slovenia is located in the south-central Europe, with Italy on the left and Croatia on the right. Prices are not as expensive as Western Europe, nor as cheap as in Eastern Europe. Overall, it is similar to China. It is a country with good price/performance ratio. The whole country is still very clean and people are very good. Other: Slovenia's currency is the euro, you can use the Schengen sign to travel. On the whole, the country is very safe, because I am very worried about every country in Europe, including the quality of the people, theft, and the degree of Chinese exclusion. People who are pro-testing Slovenia are very friendly to China, and Asian tourists seem to be a little more Korean than the Chinese (by subjective judgment of the nationality of the bus I take).
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