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Desa Dairy Farm is known as the small New Zealand in Sabah. The misty peaks in the distance and the cows grazing on the grass form a beautiful landscape, creating the illusion of coming to New Zealand. When you come to Desa Dairy Farm, in addition to seeing the beautiful pasture scenery, the close interaction with the cows is also the most popular thing for everyone. Buy fresh grass or milk bottle, use it to feed cream or lamb, not only to get closer to the animal, but also to experience the natural happiness that city life has never felt. Feeding the sheep and feeding the cattle attracted most of the tourists to stop. The fence was full of people. In addition to the excited children, the girls were happy to hold the tender green grass and wait for the patronage of the cattle and sheep. After a batch, the cattle and sheep in the fence gradually became full, and they lay down lazily, looking at the pedestrians outside, not moving, even if the grass was in front of them.
Posted: 17 Dec 2018
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Kinabalu National Park
Mount Sabah, also known as Mount Kinabalu, is the highest peak in Southeast Asia, at an altitude of 4095.2 meters, and grows at a height of 0.5 cm per year. It is the highest peak between Himalayan and New Guinea, and its granite peaks. Straight on the sky, the spectacular, is the biggest challenge for mountain climbers in Southeast Asia. In 2000, Mount Kinabalu was listed as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Today's Shenshan is a world-famous mountaineering destination. The peak of more than 4,000 meters is relatively easy to climb. Its spectacular scenery attracts tens of thousands of mountain climbers every year to challenge themselves. It takes two days and one night to climb the mountain. On the first morning, I will take a car from Kota Kinabalu city to reach the starting point of the mountain climbing at an altitude of over 1,000 meters. It will travel six kilometers along the hiking trail in Laban Rata. The hostel stays at rest; the next day at 2:30 in the morning, take a steep mountain road for nearly three kilometers to reach the peak "Roche Peak". If you are lucky, you can see the sunrise, then go down the mountain and return to the starting point of the mountain. The section of the mountain road that climbed to the top is extremely difficult. It requires hands and feet and can be passed by grasping the rope fixed on the rock. On the summit of Roche, the foot is a deep abyss, looking to the east, the beautiful sun is shining out. To the east of the Roche peak is a levee that falls 1000 meters straight, which is the remains of the glaciers of the Ice Age. After watching the sunrise on the top of the mountain, it indicates that it is time to go down. The direct sunlight on the top of the mountain will cause damage to the skin, and the climate on the mountain will change. Once it rains, it will become more difficult and it will encounter mountain torrents. Therefore, all climbers must return to the top of the attack before 10 am. Management station at seven kilometers.
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