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Things To Do in Ravello

Amalfi Coast
123 Reviews
Blue TulipIf you want to understand the style of southern Italy, go to Naples: Not only is there the Amalfi Coast selected by National Geographic magazine as the 50 must-visit places in a lifetime, the beautiful bay not only gives it beauty, but also Rich seafood, rich in lemons, the birthplace of pizza. Surrounded by Mount Vesuvius, it slowly stretches towards the sky, and the twilight rises up, forming the scene of today's bay surrounded by cliffs, with beautiful arcs of large and small, colorful houses connected together. In addition, it is far away from the hustle and bustle, completely free from secular intrusions, pure and peaceful, it has become an Italian holiday paradise, and the garden after the rich Europeans gather. The left side of our car is green hills, and the right side is the sea. Driving in the drizzle, we have been along the winding, high and low roads along the sea, extending forward against the mountain wall, and the green mountains and blue sea have been with us. The Amalfi Coast includes Ravello, Positano, Minori, Amalfi and many other small towns with beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery, such as Ravello, Positano, Minori and Amalfi. When I arrived in the town, the rain had stopped and the sky was bright. The town is backed by mountains and faces the sea, and is distributed on the slopes between the mountains and the sea. The houses in the town are small and exquisite, colorful and dazzling. They are printed with the blue water, the blue sky and the long white clouds. The small town of Amalfi integrates shopping, food, and a daze. It is rich in lemons, so the local lemons are made into lemon wine drinks. After a meal, one bite is helpful for digestion. Friends who like them can buy them here. Later, we will visit Positano, Rome, Milan, Venice and other places. It is more expensive than here. Go around and get lost in a small town full of flowers on the seascape. With your footsteps, you will find your favorite little corner of the town. The colorful shops also support the whole picture. The small town is a beautiful and romantic painting under the warm sunshine and green plants.
The Ancient City of Pompeii
352 Reviews
Historical Site
sculptorPompeii was an ancient city in Rome, and when the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, it was buried 4-6m deep under volcanic ash and pumice. As a result, most of the city is preserved under ash, providing a unique snapshot of life in Rome, frozen when buried by volcanic ash, and providing a very detailed insight into the daily lives of its inhabitants. Once a wealthy city, it was filled with fine public buildings and luxurious private houses decorated with fine furniture and art.
22 Reviews
小东西1023Ravello is a popular tourist destination on the Amalfi Coast. We climbed here from the Amalfi Hotel on foot. I thought that the 2.6 km right should be exercised. As a result, the medieval buildings between the cliffs, one turn, one long unsightly step, and another turn, another one, which directly caused my fear in the second half of the hike on the "Path of the Gods" the next day. 2000 steps, squeeze the bus down the mountain. So, don’t hike up the mountain if you live under the mountain. Take the bus up the mountain and go down the mountain. Many villas here are circled to sell tickets, including Villa Rufolo (1270), which Giovanni Boccaccio mentioned in his Decameron. We were so tired from climbing the mountain, we couldn’t afford to spend money to visit the villa. There were many famous artists living in the town, so we brought our own sense of art, walked around, drank ice coffee on the street, and had a one-Michelin star meal by the cliff. ,Very comfortable. PS: That one Michelin star, the stars are for the landscape, the taste is average.
Villa Cimbrone
15 Reviews
Historical Architecture
小丸子老可爱Life in a small European town is really exciting, especially in such a beautiful place as Amalfi. I wish I could stop here and let me stay a few more days. It feels like Capri Island is not commercialized here.
Sorrento Italy
94 Reviews
燃烧生命的小胖妞Sorrento, a small town in southern Italy, a hometown of folk songs that is well-known in the world, one was selected by National Geographic magazine as: "One of the 50 Most Worth Visiting Places in Life in the World". She, like a beautiful pearl, is quietly embedded in the promontory of the Gulf of Naples, emitting a dazzling light; she is also like a beautiful Italian girl, showing her all kinds of customs, making people think about it...
Duomo di Amalfi
17 Reviews
渭南松赞干布The Basilica of Sant’Andrea, also known as the Cathedral of Amalfi, is located in the town of Amalfi in Campania, Italy. It was built in the 10th century and later merged from the original two churches to form a six-corridor five-hall style Rome The church has been rebuilt many times. Visitors can reach the bronze gate at the entrance of the church by climbing 62 steps. The gate was transported and installed from Constantinople in the eleventh century. The gable on the top of the church is covered with glittering mosaics, and the facade and colonnade describe the life of the Moors Details of the picture. The exterior architectural style of the church is Sicilian Arabic, and the interior decoration is Baroque. The ceiling of the church hall is full of paintings, and the high altar is guarded by four beautiful pillars. In the center is a picture of the apostle St. Andrew’s suffering on the cross.

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Transfer from Naples to Ravello or Ravello to Naples

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Amalfi Coast
Amalfi CoastProvince of Salerno,Italy

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The Ancient City of Pompeii
The Ancient City of Pompeii,Italy

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RavelloProvince of Salerno,Italy

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Villa Cimbrone
Villa CimbroneProvince of Salerno,Italy

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Sorrento Italy
Sorrento Italy,Italy

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Duomo di Amalfi
Duomo di AmalfiAmalfi Coast,Italy

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Ravello Weather

Jan 20, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
6 ~ 10
Jan 21, 2021
Partly Sunny to Showers
8 / 12
Jan 22, 2021
8 / 12
Jan 23, 2021
Mostly Cloudy to Showers
6 / 10
Jan 24, 2021
Partly Sunny to Showers
6 / 11
Jan 25, 2021
3 / 11
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Ravello
Jan 20, 2021 Ravello Weather:Intermittent Clouds, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:62%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:21/17:04
Ravello Running:Suitable, Cycling:Suitable

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