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About Reergai

Located on the northeastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in northern Sichuan, Zoigê County is under the administration of the Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. It has always been known as “the oasis of the high plain of northwest Sichuan” and was chosen by the magazine Chinese National Geography as the best of the six top wetland scenic areas in China. Here you can see the majestic scenery of the first of the Yellow River’s nine famous curves, and in the summertime an ocean of flowers blooms across the great grasslands of Zoigê. Visitors can sample authentic cheese bread, butter tea, and whole roast goat. They can also chat and tell jokes with the locals, a source of endless delight.

Popular Attractions in Reergai

Zoige Flower Lake
754 Reviews
The Zoige Flower Lake is located in the Re'er Dam Grassland at north of the Zoige County. The shore is densely reeded and the Flower Lake is named after a small white flower in the lake. In addition, here is the place to watch the black-necked cranes, which are under special state protection. Huahu Lake is tremendous, and the submerged is an incomprehensible marsh. Under the daylight, the water surface reflects distinctive splendor and is loaded with hearts. The lake is encompassed by huge rich reeds, which are influencing with the breeze, mirroring the quietness and changes of the lake.
Yellow River Jiuqu Diyiwan
586 Reviews
The Yellow River merges with Baihe River in Tangke Township, Zoige County, Sichuan Province, forming the Yellow River Jiuqu First Bay. Here, visitors can enjoy the peculiar and splendid natural landscape. It is also a location that photographers love. To see the Yellow River Jiuqu First Bay, you can climb the stairs or take the elevator and then you can reach the viewing platform. The scenery on the viewing platform will let you forget all your troubles. This is a great place to watch the sunset. The wandering Yellow River is especially enchanting in the afterglow of sunset.
Namo Grand Canyon
42 Reviews
17 Reviews

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Trip Moments

Posted: 1 Dec 2018
Ruoergaihua Lake Huahu Lake is a place worthy of going to Ruoergai. The best time is in May and June. At that time, the lakeside was colorful, like the clouds and the layers of color. When I went, it was July. Although there was no flower, it was still picturesque, and the water and the sky were connected. The sky blue reflected in the water and the water was bluer. However, Huahu Lake is 3,468 meters above sea level. If the sun has not come out, it will be very cold. You must wear more clothes, otherwise it will be frozen. Ruoergaihua Lake is next to the 213 National Road between Zoige and Gansu Langmu Temple. The end of June and the middle of July are the best time for Huahu Lake to bloom. You will not miss this attraction whether you are with the group or the self-help line. The flower lake is full of flowers, very original ecology. Choose a sunny day to enjoy the blue sky and white clouds under the mirror-like lake water, and you can walk on the pontoon to indulge in the lake and flowers. It takes 40km to go to Huahu Lake from Zoige County. It can only be driven by car or chartered bus. As long as it is always in the direction of Langmu Temple, the ticket for the scenic spot is 75 yuan, and the battery car is 30 yuan per person. It is recommended to take the whole journey for 5km. Pay attention to the flower lake. At the doorstep of the scenic spot, it is necessary to collect the car at 8:00 at the latest. The plateau in summer is generally dark and late, and the scenic spot is so big. If you miss it, you can only go out on foot. It is best to make an appointment with the charter driver. If you miss the driver, the piece will be hidden. There are many people in the pastoral area. It can be visited for up to half a day, and enough food and water are prepared. There is no supply point in the scenic spot. Flock Going at the end of July, Huahu Lake is all "grass lake", hahaha, not my wish Wind blowing grass low cattle and sheep
Posted: 2 Apr 2019
The Jiuqu Yellow River First Bay is located 9 kilometers west of Tangke Township in Zoige County. It is the junction of Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu provinces. The Yellow River and its tributary Baihe meet here and turn. According to the topography and landscape of the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the Tibetan people took the more distinctive names of the upper reaches, such as Ka Riqu, Zhaqu, Xingsuhai, Maqu, Jiuqu, etc., The Yellow River Jiuqu 18 Bay This "nine songs" is the name of the Yellow River section above the Guide. The Yellow River originates from Bayan Kala Mountain and flows through the territory of Sichuan Province. It forms the first bay of the Jiuqu Yellow River next to the Sooke Tibetan Temple in Tangke Township. In the process of the Yellow River, it is the boundary river between Sichuan and Gansu, Gansu is Gansu, and Hedong is Sichuan. The Yellow River comes from the Gansu side, and the Baihe River flows from the top of the First Bay of the Yellow River. It is shaped like an "S" type, and the water of the Yellow River comes from the sky like a streamer. Along the Sok Kang Temple along the Yellow River, it continues for about 500 meters. There is a wooden path leading to the observation deck on the top of the mountain. It also leads to the belly of the Yellow River Wetland. The observation deck was built on a high mountaintop. The visual observation was about 150 meters high. The scenery there must be very good, so I did not hesitate to run to the top of the mountain. After all, this place is a plateau with an altitude of more than 3,500 meters. It is not a joke. If you dont go far, you will pant. Looking up at the road ahead, and then looking back at the steps I walked, I took a trip, and I just walked one-tenth, looking far away, the perspective has not changed significantly. carry on! It took 20 minutes to walk around and stop, and there are two-thirds of the way from the observation deck. There are more and more clouds in the sky, and the sun is just a bright color on the horizon. "I am afraid that it will be cloudy, maybe it will rain, I am afraid I wont see the sunset." I am constantly giving myself a retreat, it is too tired! There are always close friends who are turning back down the mountain, and they are really climbing to the top of the mountain. Picking up the camera and pressing the shutter against the distance, I decisively went down the mountain. Along the gentler steps down to the Yellow River wetlands, physical fitness is greatly alleviated. The green grass on the banks of the Yellow River, if not because it has gradually turned yellow in the autumn, the scenery will be more beautiful.
Posted: 14 Jul 2016
sarah on the road   
The winter plateau meadows in Gannan are yellow and the winter is coming here. There is a special place where there are very few tourists. Only the local people know the hot springs and the hot springs. The hot springs were handed over in Sichuan and Gansu, and the road opened to the Sichuan provincial border. Rangzhan Hot Spring is a Tibetan hot spring known to tourists. However, it is very famous in the local area. Many Tibetans come here, especially with the elderly. They all say that there is a magical effect. Everyone becomes a holy water. The hot spring here is a hot spring, and it has a good effect in treating cancer in medicine. There are countless magical examples in the past 100 years, which proves that the hot spring has a significant effect on skin diseases, arthritis, rheumatism and even cancer. When the last time in the Tibetan hot springs or the solitary west of Sichuan, the hot springs in Ganzi are completely different from our resort-style hot springs. It is more like a bathhouse. It seems to be 15 yuan a person. Big pool. The hot springs are also more like a large bathhouse. It used to be open-air. It has only been closed in the past few years, and men and women are separated. Because of the lack of oxygen in the plateau, I dont dare to soak in the hot springs, so as not to aggravate the altitude sickness, so I soak my feet, the water temperature is not very high, the pool is a lot of Tibetans, just after the sun from Mexico. Very dark, I am still very white, haha, happy. The Tibetans are very friendly, let me down and soak together, saying that the effect is very good, chatted, many people are not local, the big old people especially came over, a girl said that her mother's legs are not good, from time to time come over the bubble spa.
Posted: 28 Nov 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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