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Reviews about Bashang Grasslands

Reviewed on 2 Jun 2020



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Reviewed on 13 Jun 2017
After reading many evaluations and strategies, on 6.6, a group of nine people began to enjoy the grassland trip, booked in advance in Zhongdu Eco-forest Park (also a good online evaluation). The boss told them to play in the grassland of Zhongdu first and go to Tianlu the next day, so that they were not tired and could have a good time. They arrived at noon. They arranged their accommodation and meals by the roadside very early. In the afternoon, the boss drove to the grassland in person. The grass outside the gate is not good. The owner told the villagers that it was ruined by the local villagers. In addition to the drought, the grassland was not good. We had a good horse near Swan Lake. The owner contacted the internal price. The children drove a beach car and had a good time. From Swan Lake, the owner took us directly to the primitive grassland resort in Zhongdu. The grass in the resort is very good. It's 50 centimeters high at the top. It's really beyond sight. The blue sky, white clouds and green grass are beautiful! The happiest thing is that there is no ticket before 6.15. We just saw the world's largest yurt is worth it without spending money. In the evening, the owner returned to the farmyard to marinate the sheep. He was almost cooked. He ordered several dishes and began to eat. It tasted really good. The owner said that the whole sheep must be marinated. Many farmyards did not marinate them for the sake of saving time. Thank you, Mr. Zhao! _______ The next morning, after breakfast, we set out to Tianlu Grassland. The route was also planned by Zhao Boss. Half an hour from Huapiling to Tianlu, we walked three hours to Yehuling, went out to Zhangshi Expressway and set foot on the road back to Beijing. All the way, we saw the scenery of nature, the windmill was turning, and the sheep were grazing. It was beautiful!
Reviewed on 3 Jul 2018
Put down your busy work and decide to go out for a rest. We chose the nearest Grassland - Zhongdu grassland! We drove to Zhongdu Eco-forest Garden in 3 hours and decided to go there. As soon as we got into the shade, I felt that I was right. (Also recommended by my friends, I watched it many times online.) The first feeling was good. The first stop, Swan Lake, whipping horses and whips on the grassland, was very pleasant and had a lot of fun, so let's not go into details. Entertainment knot After dinner, the owner bought tickets to the grassland of Zhongdu grassland for us and then turned around to see the boundless grassland and the sunset of the grassland. I haven't seen the beautiful sunset of the grassland yet. At 8 o'clock, the performance officially started the Wild Fox Ridge Battle, the iron spark and the bonfire party. It was wonderful. Hey to the explosion. Look at it. It's time to rest in yurts. The yurts are cool and comfortable. It's never been so cool in Beijing. The air is so good. It's really a good place for summer. The second stop is Grassland Tianlu. The owner told us to go this way. In the morning, we set out. The owner said that there was no need to finish all the Tianlu on the second platform. We listened to the owner. The scenery on the Tianlu is really good. The sky is blue and green. It is really windy to see cattle and sheep in the grass. From a distance, we can see the windmill and feel immersed in it. We came down from the Wild Fox Ridge and went to the Fortress of the Wild Fox Ridge. It was almost noon. We had lunch at the Zhongdu Eco-forest Garden. Their family environment was very good. They ate in the pavilion. A cool breeze blew and went home after lunch. The two-day trip was over. perfect is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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