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Reviewed on 7 Jan 2021

This temple has been well preserved, especially the numbers of carvings on it. It is a pleasing symmetrical shape and stands out nicely against the jungle around. Whilst we were there, there were lots of groups of schoolchildren and clearly this temple is rated by the locals, not just tourists. We were asked to have our photos taken several times by very well behaved and charming children.The temple is quite steep to climb so you need to take care on the steps. I took a walking stick with me. It is also much hotter on the temple as the black volcanic stone gets hotter than the land around. It was around 43 degrees on the top of the temple and I got heatstroke despite wearing a hat, having lots of water, and wearing loose clothing, so beware if you're not good in hot temperatures.

Borobudur Temple
Borobudur Temple

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