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Reviews about Cardrona Bra Fence


Reviewed on 8 Jul 2019


Cardrona Bra Fence
Cardrona Bra Fence
Cardrona Bra Fence

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Reviewed on 26 Mar 2020
One of the must punch cards from Wanaka to Queenstown is the underwear wall. Practical tips: In the South Island of New Zealand, there is a fence at the famous Bra Fence (underwear wall) in Cardrona. The fence is covered with tens of thousands of women's underwear. The wall is between Queenstown and Wanaka. There are two roads in the basin, one is Highway 6, which passes through Cromwell, the fruit city, which takes about 1.5 hours, and the other is Crown Ridge Road. It takes about 1 hour by car. In 1999, four women hung their bra on the barbed wire on the side of the road on a whim. Later, many people saw it and hung it up, so more and more bras became the current bra wall. Someone couldn't bear to steal, and all the bra disappeared overnight. But no one thought that it was because of "stealing" bra that the underwear wall began to be officially famous. Every time the underwear on the fence is stolen → media reports → increased attention → usher in more underwear being put on. By the end of 2000, the number of bras had increased to 200, and then they were emptied again. This time the story spread more widely, and the fence attracted foreign media attention, and finally transformed into a world-class tourist attraction. The number of people going to the fence to hang bras in person or by sending people has increased significantly. At the beginning of 2006, the number of bras was close to 800. Coupled with the help of social media, it has become a veritable Internet celebrity "spot". Starting in 2015, a charity project named Bradrona was launched to raise donations for breast cancer charity organizations. Featured: As a result, a donation box with a pink bow logo was placed on the side of the underwear wall, and on the first day, it received nearly 200 dollars in donations. In fact, in 2006, the local council believed that this place could not be regarded as a formal attraction, and that it would cause traffic problems and be unsightly, so it ordered the local area to be removed as soon as possible! Unexpectedly, many residents and tourists stood up to protect the fence, hoping that the authorities would not remove this interesting attraction. Later, the opposition was successful, and the bra wall has been successfully preserved to this day. The women who come here will take off their underwear from their bodies and hang them on the wire fence. They think that wearing the hood all the year round binds the body and will get some diseases. They come here and want to free themselves and liberate their bodies. Call for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer and care for women. But I'm not so courageous anymore. I just came to visit and didn't dare to let myself go like this.
Reviewed on 5 Dec 2019
新西兰皇冠山路自驾 | 遇见网红bra墙新西兰南部,自驾从皇后镇开往瓦纳卡的有两条线路,一是走号公路途径克伦威尔水果小镇,二是走皇冠山路(crown range rd),是一条海拔较高的公路,会路过网红bra墙,由于我从tekapo开往皇后镇的路上已经途径过克伦威尔了,所以果断选择了走皇冠山路,途中景色不错。皇冠山路停靠点推荐:Arrow junction lookout point皇冠山路上最弯曲的道路上的一个停靠观景点,可以俯瞰下面的景色,很壮观。crown range road scenic lookout也是一个可以俯瞰下面景色的点,但这里有一个小山坡,站坡顶上拍照很有大片感,只是遇到风大的时候感觉自己要被吹跑站不稳,山坡上风时常很大。Cardrona bra fence网红胸罩墙,走皇冠山路的主要目的就是为了打卡这个bra墙了,这个bra墙意在让人们提高对乳腺癌的警觉性和重要性,关爱女性健康,如今还有在bra上写愿望许愿的。不得不说这里的bra size都好大啊,可以说是一个比size的战场,哈哈自驾注意事项:出行前很多人会担心皇冠山路驾驶的安全性,因为全程都是山路,其中有一段有几个180度转弯,我想说根本没有网上有些描述的那么难开啦,慢慢开完全没有事情,而且那段路有限速要求,45-55左右,大家都很自觉放慢速度,跟着前面车慢慢开就行了,如果开过国内山路的,那这条山路更是完全不用担心了,只要记住放慢速度小心驾驶就可以了。自驾路线:Queenstown——arrow town(之前行程没安排的话可以顺路去)——Arrow junction lookout point——crown range road scenic lookout——Cardrona bra fence——wanaka如果从wanaka到queenstown的话路线反之即可,在Google map里直接搜这些地名就可以导航到了。 Cardrona Bra Fence is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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