Reviews about FIFA Headquarters


Reviewed on 13 May 2016

FIFA headquarters moved to Zurich, Switzerland, was founded in 1932 by Paris, France. FIFA was founded in the early 229 SAN, the ray street office in Paris, in 1932-1954 was moved to Zurich, Switzerland, the railway station street, 1954-1977 in Zurich as Mr Bush of the road, "DE waal DE villa" in 1977-1979 in Zurich oros street, on May 21, 1979, to enter the new FIFA building, as Mr Bush l1. FIFA in the building construction began on February 14, 1977, June 21, 1977 held a groundbreaking ceremony, main building just established in FIFA''s 75 anniversary of the completion. Visitors from spacious large glass doors into the FIFA headquarters, at the entrance to the surface has a panoramic view of the city. Entry is the conference hall on the right side, the left side is the lounge. The second layer is a set of simultaneous translation facilities of the FIFA congress hall, the side of the room with the chairman and the secretariat office.