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Reviews about Haitang Xiaoyue Hot Springs


Reviewed on 3 Dec 2017

I've been there many times. Today, I've bought tickets on a whim. It's close to the main city and has a high performance-price ratio. Once I enter the door, I first find the key of my aunt's slipper cabinet. Then I go to the front desk to change the key of the wardrobe with the key and the ticket verification code. The whole process is very convenient. Because there are quite a lot of people on the weekend, but I can also see that the staff work in an orderly way and there are people enthusiastic in every step. Reminder, although there are many people, but the guests are not confused. So the experience was generally satisfactory, and the staff did not lose their enthusiasm because of the large number of people. I hope we can continue to support it in the future.

Haitang Xiaoyue Hot Springs
Haitang Xiaoyue Hot Springs
Haitang Xiaoyue Hot Springs

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Reviewed on 12 Oct 2014
There are many things to share: 1. Background: National Day to Chongqing travel, before the trip, fitness injured the left leg, and a little cold mental depression, to Chongqing two days before the trip was not very exciting, some depressed, local friends recommend, go to Begonia Xiaoyue Bubble Hot Spring; 2. Interlude: because it is tourism, so no swimming trunks, do not buy in the hotel, more than 200, along the exit of the hotel. There is a noodle shop selling swimming suits and swimming trunks twice on the left, the total price is about 80% cheaper than the hotel, which is very cost-effective; 3. Flow: first change slippers, change the sign of the dressing room with the sign of the slipper, the dressing room is very large, shared by men and women, but the dressing room is absolutely private, after changing clothes, take large towels, go to the shower room and then go to the formal hot spring area; 4. Hot springs: hot springs: hot springs: hot springs: hot springs: hot springs: hot springs: hot The area is very large, mixed bathing, wearing bathing suits and swimming trunks, you can see three or four kinds of pools like swimming pools. The temperature inside is estimated to be between 35 and 38 degrees, which is a little lower for me. There are more massage facilities, water sprinkler facilities, water basketball and other facilities, besides the sun-bath reclining chair and so on. There may be more people on this side. Don't think it's all just opened. First; 5. Medicine soup: Next to experience medicine soup, in a cave, about ten different pools, and on a hillside, not only an entrance can be found, but also a dry and wet steaming room, the temperature is different, are marked next to me, or my favorite about 42 degrees; 6. Features: Next is outdoor similar to rose soup, there are more than a dozen. There are many kinds of water slides for swimming pools, swimming pools and amusement parks. 7. Note: Everyone has only one towel, a pair of slippers, and every time they come out, they are next to each pool. Then you will find that it's not your own, or even missing! ___________ I haven't seen slippers twice! Can only embarrassingly let the staff bring, go how long the heart and eyes; 8. Effect: Anyway, I soaked for a few hours, the whole person is good, the body humidity feeling is not so heavy, go to the cold, the pain of the injured left leg also eased, resulting in very good sleep that night, feeling like a new body, a new look! Maybe everyone's effect is different, but the effect is very good for me; 9. Others: the evening buffet, not the local style of Chongqing spicy, partial to seafood, medium taste bar, hotel room is the same, the highlight of the whole hotel is still in hot springs. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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