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Reviews about Helsinki Central Station


Reviewed on 7 Oct 2019

This is not a fancy train station but it is perfectly located in the city center and has all the amenities you would want, including cafes and a pub. Check out the food trucks around the station on weekends.

Helsinki Central Station

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Modern Architecture

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Reviewed on 19 Apr 2015
From St. Petersburg to Helsinki on the cruise ship Princess Maria, I left the dock and didn't know where to go, so I had to smoke at the door and so on. At that time an old man came to smoke, and only the two of us said hello. He asked me where I came from and I answered that I had just come from China and had just got off the ship in St. Petersburg. He said that as soon as he went to Tallinn, he would live in Helsinki. By the way, I asked if there was a hotel near here. He pointed to the tram parked in front, which meant to take a bus. I just thank him. Suddenly he took a ticket to me and said no more money. He urged me to get on the bus and say that the bus was leaving soon. I took my luggage and said goodbye to him. I asked the driver of the car to say that the ticket was OK. The driver was very enthusiastic and said OK. When I asked where I could find the hotel, she immediately counted seven stops. After getting off, she looked back to see if I got off. I rushed to the front of the car and asked her if she was here. She nodded hard and said thank her for driving. When I looked around, I saw a hotel with WiFi after staying. I knew I was living opposite the railway station. After lunch, I went to the railway station. It felt so good. Europe's railway stations are open, as I knew earlier, without waiting in line, checking in line, and going directly to your car with your ticket passport. The platform and the street are all connected. The station building is just a business place for service and rest. It is too humanized and convenient. The weather is changeable in this season. It's windy, rainy and cold. But when I meet people's enthusiasm, it makes my mood steaming. Helsinki I'll come back to my old place again.
Reviewed on 8 Oct 2016
The central station of Hecun, Finland, is located in the centre of Hecun City. There are many shopping streets, shopping malls and supermarkets around it. This central station with more than one hundred aspects of history is simple and solemn, and has a city of living and antique buildings. The whole stone, the huge granite and the solemn sculpture are worthy of careful examination by the students majoring in architecture. Introduce the next ticket purchase. Finnish Railway official network registration, route selection, date, time, and more importantly, the choice of specific seats. This is a good-looking illustration, train seat fares are the same, divided into different compartment seats. There are conference seats, up to seven people, is a complete carriage, which has a long table, seven seats, suitable for many people to play together. There are four seats facing each other, suitable for playing cards. There are also pet carriages, which can take pets on board. There are also ordinary seats, which are in rows like those in China. There is a dining car in the middle of the carriage. It's not expensive. You can sit on the sofa for a while. And tea, coffee or something, pour it yourself. Choose the ticket, place the order online payment, and then the ticket will be invoiced to the registered mailbox. Print the ticket on A4 paper, and the conductor will check the ticket at the time of boarding. Pay attention to the two-dimensional code of the printed ticket, not too folding and wrinkling. The bathroom on the train is very good. There are bathrooms for the disabled and SOS alarms. From Hecun to Rovaniemi by train, Santa Claus has a sleeper, which is also very convenient. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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