Reviews about Jungle Island

Jason Flegel

Reviewed on 3 Jul 2012

Once called the Parrot Jungle, my memories of this "zoo" are mainly all from Elementary School. We used to take class trips here like it was going out of style. I swear, every other week it was like "Please have your parents sign this waiver, just in case you're eaten by a Parrot". I may be misremembering that. Now called Jungle Island, this zoo still houses a huge, giant, fantastical selection of Parrots, both native and foreign. It's kind of a joke, actually, because as far as I know they don't clip any of the birds wings and, therefore, a lot of the Parrots you may see out and about in Miami actually call Jungle Island home. In terms of Zoos, this one is quite unique and I definitely recommend it for any zoophiles visiting Miami.