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Reviews about Liverpool

Reviewed on 4 Jun 2020

來利物浦已經兩月有餘,對這座城市的印象非常好。它既浪漫又文藝,披頭士給它注入了靈魂,漫步在利物浦街頭,總是能看見各種年紀的藝人在彈唱着自己的音樂。經常在Liverpool one看到露天樂隊演奏,這時路人會很自覺地圍成團,安靜地聽他們唱歌。記得有天晚上,已經很晚了,店鋪都關門,行人無幾,飄着小雨,有個大叔依然抱着吉他唱着歌。沒事時我喜歡在利物浦散步。利物浦不大,走着走着就走完了。中國城,阿爾伯特船塢,Liverpool one,這些地方藏着很多值得一賭的風景。眾所周知英國並沒有太多美食,但是腐國人民在做麵包和甜點上還是有兩把刷子,不過甜度比國內高一些。tesco超市到處都是,價格便宜,種類齊全,它有很多自己生產的東西。inceland以冷藏冷凍加工食品出名,我買過一磅還是兩磅一大袋的速凍雞肉,吃了好多天。當然還有其他的類似超市。如果買碗和杯子還有衛生紙這些建議去one pound,類似於國內的兩元超市,肉和菜之類對新鮮程度有要求的東西就不要在那裡買了。如果想吃中餐,taipan buffet工作日下午四點半以前8.5磅一個人,種類很多,味道也還好,它還能吃火鍋,火鍋加中餐自助以及飲料無限量續杯共17磅多一個人。利物浦網紅中餐館是老蜀人,中原和美味軒。其中老蜀人口碑最好,它價格相對便宜,還有自助火鍋。中國城裡也有不少飯店,感覺外國人去的比較多一點。利物浦主要的中超就是思達超市,老闆是香港人,中秋節時有大班冰皮月餅賣。中國行和近郊的永興隆也不錯。永興隆超級大,只有你想不到,沒有你買不到的。


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Reviewed on 11 Aug 2017
Nothing, love this city. From Edinburgh to Liverpool, the journey is neither long nor short. When I arrived at the second train, I smelled the smell of the sardine fish and fell softly down to my face. Faces of different colours, but write a kind of comfort born at the seaside, afraid that the people here love Liverpool very much. The gentry who came and went, wrapped in a delicate Crochet jacket, with flax blonde hair on their heads, was indeed the subject of England, and the unrestrained Scottish people were very rude compared with it. Liverpool is the most beautiful city in Scotland, where the sunshine is so rare that I walk around the Albert dock. The sea is full of sea demons. I am not afraid of injuries and hide from the legends about you on the sea. I won't flinch from your love, no matter how bloody it is. Say softly, you love me, not enough. The shop on the edge of the city gave a sense of the emotions, just so that I think every commodity in the shop, should only exist here. It seems that if you buy this oil lamp and light it, the bearded fisherman of the last century will come out to fulfill your dream. In the birthplace of The Beatles, I am not a pilgrim. The owner of the black-tape record store said in a manner similar to that of a priest - "The people who come here to buy records are actually looking for a feeling of blood rushing in their hearts. Candy stores are also Beatles-like, with children with long eyelashes running and roaring Rock! Rock! Rock! The cave bar where the Beatles sang that day accommodated tourists who needed a drink to enjoy themselves. Before evening, the door of the bar was already bustling and people were laughing in the damp air of the underground cave. When I drank a cup of cotaickl, the nerve and sea smell of rock and roll was one of the most fishy. It's all-pervasive. Sunshine, sea breeze, flowers, champagne, ice cream, the cultural atmosphere here is relaxed and unreasonable, seabirds are also lazily pacing in the crowd, probably the British entertainment supremacy gesture infected seabirds. The Italian Club Fish, Norwegian Ice Shrimp, Raw Oyster, Lobster Pasta and Dessert are also good. You can ask the waiter for a Chinese menu at the address of "128 Bold St, Liverpool Chinatown, Liverpool, L1 4JA. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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