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Reviews about Longcang Valley


Reviewed on 27 Feb 2021


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Reviewed on 2 May 2021
Not worth going, heartache my 58 tickets and 20 downhill tickets. [Traffic side] There is only one two-way 2-lane mountain road in and out of the scenic spot. It is about 10 kilometers off the expressway. It is particularly easy to get stuck in traffic. I went to the afternoon today (May 2). I was blocked at the gate of the scenic spot for nearly 1 hour because the parking lot could not stop. [Infrastructure] The scenic spot is basically the lowest infrastructure level. First of all, the parking lot, as pictured, just with mud fill out a few lines, can say "the sunny day full of gray, rainy day a foot mud", just go to the sun, a whole body of gray, come back in heavy rain, and step on a foot of mud. And, the entire parking lot hundreds of cars only one entrance, charge 10 yuan, everyone out of the car, start to traffic jam, I from the car to the parking lot, a few hundred meters of road took 30 minutes, management chaos. Then say the inside of the scenic spot, the road is extremely narrow, some areas are only allowed to pass by one person, the inside supporting is almost zero, it took nearly 1 hour from the gate to see the bathroom and 2 resting benches, there is hardly any snack bar and service staff, The trash cans are also very few...there is no place to shelter from the sun (this is the key point), you old iron self-provided umbrella raincoat snacks and drinks, there is no snack bar in the middle of the mountain, no staff, no staff. [Sightseeing Experience] The attractions of Longcanggou are without characteristics, and I don't know if I have aesthetic problems or something. I feel really bad. The introduction of the attractions is also a few sketchy and unclear, which totally makes people not interested, such as what double heart, What Canglong... I didn't see it at all. In addition, there is a problem with the dispatch of the scenic spot, and there is no guarantee for tourists. The experience is very bad, especially, on the tour road, there is a heavy rain, and there is no umbrella, there is no village behind the store, there is no place to shelter from the rain, and the baby is caught in the rain and ran for a few hundred meters against the lightning. Finally, he squeezed a position on the platform of the sightseeing car, and the sightseeing car is halfway down the mountain. And I'm not so polite to charge you $20 a person. Even more infuriating is the staff who came to the ticket hall to avoid the rain and said to a group of sitting tourists, "You have to sit out and we are going to work (at that time around 6 o'clock)", as a scenic staff, even the tourists are supreme. There is no concept of service first, this scenic spot is better off closed. Rote service, in the rainy day listen to let people chill. [Surrounding environment] The scenic spot is remote, at the end of the road, there are no other scenic spots around, and even the farmhouse is poor. The recent drive is about 10 minutes, basically it can be said that there is no supporting environment, parking spaces are quite tight, and the place to eat is also particularly difficult to find. The brother who is going must prepare his own rations. [Other tips] I don't know if we are not lucky. Anyway, the weather is just right when we go there. I encountered a heavy rain in the scenic spot. I must bring an umbrella with me, it is best to take a raincoat, because the rain in the mountains is especially windy, and the umbrella may only protect the head. There is also the risk of lightning strikes. No more. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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