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Reviews about Man Mo Temple

Reviewed on 7 Jun 2020

香港文武廟是香港的老建築,廟宇的入口以青磚和磨光花崗石塊 築 成, 兩道側牆及屋脊均有灰泥懸飾,屋頂邊緣的檐板是 典型新界建築物的特色。中庭兩側共有八個廂房,入口兩側的廂房,曾是鄉紳旅客旅經大埔時度宿的地方。


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Reviewed on 31 May 2018
Hong Kong, there is a Hollywood; Hollywood, there is a Wenwu Temple; those who know Hollywood should know the Wenwu Temple. The quiet location of Wenwu Temple in downtown Shanghuan City is in sharp contrast with the busy commercial area around it. The history of the establishment of the Wenwu Temple can be traced back to the early days of Hong Kong's opening. It is one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong and is also well-known at home and abroad. Although it has been built many times, it remains the same as before. The temple's copper bells, big tripod, Yungyu, Pewter incense burner and elaborate statue wooden pedestals are all ancient and ancient. More than a century of wind and rain erosion, vicissitudes of life here seems to have left no trace. Or the eaves, the arch walls, the ancient halls, the green lanterns, the pilgrims, or the Van Le. Walking into the temple, looking up is one after another long-burning large-scale tower incense, the ceiling is covered, the tower incense smoking white smoke, spectacular. The main hall is dedicated to Emperor Wenchang and Emperor Guan. Wenchang represents fame and official fortune, worship helps official fortune, Guandi represents wealth and faith, worship helps to improve interpersonal relationships, bless you to meet nobles when you go out, status rises, and the merger of the two emperors is the management of human studies and undertakings. Therefore, the temple has been incensed for a long time, attracting many good faith and tourists to worship here. Wenwu Temple ranks first among the top ten most popular temples in Hong Kong. For more than a hundred years, pilgrims from afar and good men and women from admiration come here to worship and make wishes. The curling smoke is endless, blowing constantly, and dazzling in the clouds and dazzling clouds. As for those wishes and prayers, whether they can become reality or not is not important. What matters is that they were here full of piety and happiness. Destiny is like the palm print in your hand. No matter how tortuous it is, it will eventually be in your hands. You are right. There are no tickets for Wenwu Temple, which is free of charge. Unlike others, Wenwu Temple opens its doors to convenience, not only without admission tickets, but also with incense free of charge. In front of the main entrance there is a "Annmin Notice" which says that the temple does not turn the edge on, nor does it ask for incense money and clouds. This realm is quite different from those so-called monasteries that charge fees everywhere and monks who ask for money in the streets. Located at 124-126 Hollywood Road, Shanghuan, at the junction of Hollywood Road and Stairway Street; the fastest route - "from Exit A2 of MTR "Shanghuan" Station, turn right along Xieli Street to Queen's Avenue, and walk along the Stairway beside Legu Road for about 5 minutes to Hollywood Street. The temple, which occupies only hundreds of square meters and is located in downtown Hong Kong Island, is of great significance. It is not only a holy place for many Hong Kong tourists to punch cards, but also a place for many Hong Kong movies and TVB shooting. Therefore, the Wenwu Temple in Shanghuan is worth visiting. The main hall of Wenwu Temple can be photographed. Many tourists pose in front of the thousand-flower Candlestick in the hall. The staff are very enthusiastic, but they ask to worship the emperor Chang and Guan before taking photos to show their respect for the two emperors. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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